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OH/JS-026, -009 and -027 activation

The OH/JS-026 Oinosenmäki 240 m is fairly simple and easy to access and was done on Monday evening on July 4. From this summit there is a good view to the Puijo tower of Kuopio city. Some mosquitoes there. The APRS did not work and I did not have any success with 2 m probably due to TV-news at the same time.

The OH/JS-009 Kinahmi 313 m is known from the painting of Pekka Halonen ‘Winter Landscape at Kinahmi’ 1923. In summer time there are a lot of mosquitoes in the fairly dense forest. This was done on Wednesday evening July 6. The summit has a tower probably to monitor forest fires, but access is forbidden.

Finally the OH/JS-027 Honkamäki 236 m on Sunday July 17. It is one of the unknown summits in Savo land. Rain started when I was walking to the summit, but that was normal light morning summer rain so I did not cancel the activation. I put up the antenna in wet conditions and started to call CQ. And sun started to show up from the clouds. No luck on 2 m maybe due to Finnish radio amateur summer camp that was held the same weekend in Sappee.

Thanks to G4SSH, HA7UG and PA0ALW for spotting.

APRS: aprs.fi/oh7bf-7

Map: Kuopio Ulkoilukartta 1:25 000 (outdoor map)

Radio: ATS3B, 8 x AA alkaline, link dipole 7 m up