Offline Call Lookup?

Does anybody know of a way to get access to an amateur callsign database offline? I know that HamCall has a product but I don’t know if it would work on an iPhone and it’s kind of pricey and subscription based.

For SOTA the app VK-Port-a-log has a names.csv file included to get the first name of the operator. It expands over usage time for each user. I has of course mainly activators and chasers preconfigured.
Otherwise I have no idea.

Some countries regulators (e.g. BnetZa in Germany) supply the list of issued callsigns as either word or PDF files, which you could read on your iPhone. I presume you are mainly interested in the US, so you’ll need to see if the FCC do that.

73 Ed DD5LP.

Any particular reason ?

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Thanks for your responses. Perhaps the FCC does have a downloadable PDF I can do a callsign search on. I’ll start searching their site for one.
To MM0FMF’S question, mostly because, while I don’t do many activations, the ones I do I do while camping in the area of the summit. Often times I’ll be days without internet after an activation. I still like to log the contacts locally on my phone the same day of the activation and upload them when I get home. I like to put the name and general QTH on my phone as I log them.

I spent some time ensuring I’m not in assorted online callbooks. It stopped people hassling me for QSL cards. I’m not sure how much paper QSLing goes on nowadays but I have no intention of updating any callbooks to find out :slight_smile:

The fact that I don’t have a entry freaks out many people.

Would you like me to click “Yes” Andy? :wink:

It should be locked but you can fill it in with
J446SJA (*)
23 Letsby Avenue

(*) see other thread “Meaning of the suffix”

Dear Mr J446SJA,
I am sorry to inform you that due to the absence of an MOT or insurance, you will be taken to the nearest recycling plant and crushed.
Please ensure that your V5 is updated to show which of your SOTA friends should inherit your radios.

Perhaps a bit radical but wouldn’t the simplest way be to get this information from the other stations when you make the QSO’s :rofl:

My pal and fellow radio operator solved this. Works with termux/ android.

there is a database here (only for digital users)

May be that can help.

For US , you can download all databases here:

look under Amateur Radio Service for the most recent License file, today this would be the one from yesterday 11/11:

For Canada there is a similar file here