Off topic ! for cw friends only :-)

hi all,
found that on youtube,

and oh … lsn to that “fist” on a straight key !! superb
think i have to train again on the key :slight_smile:

vy 73 Klaus

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Nice Klaus… I feel so lazy using a paddle! hi.

73 Marc G0AZS

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Thanks Klaus. That was a good operator. It brings back many memories of my first sea-going days with the big shipboard Marconi keys. I then bought my own Vibroplex on a visit to the USA but nothing is so easy as a good paddle! Thinking about getting one of the Begali Magnetic Classic keys. Anyone have any experience of them?

Best 73’s

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Thanks Klaus, oh sweet music for the ears. I think we all get lazy with our paddles, I might just get my old straight key out for a play after watching that video;-)

73 Mike GW0DSP

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Hi David,
I am also CW fan and as regards of the Mr. Begali paddles I did not met better ones (and I am ham exactly 50 years, hi). I would recommend the all of his offer.

Vrata, OK1KT

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Many thanks for the recommendation Vrata. The paddle I purchased initially has the bearing near the paddle and long arms to the contacts, which I find gives poor control. The Begali Magnetic has the paddle and contact close together and uses magnets to return the contact to the rest position. I am wondering if that might be a better design for an old ham of only 35 years with a 30 year break in the middle!!


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Hi lbr Klaus,Ive only just bought a Palm paddle this year,i enjoy the change
after 25 years of using a straight key Hi Hi,mni tnx fer the vid…

73 de Geoff G4CPA

Wow, I bet he sent a few di’s and dah’s in his life !!!

Hi All,

What is all this talk about paddles? Are SOTA ops now walking in their local river, Hi :wink: Needles to say, I never learnt to side swipe.

73 Gerald