Off topic but a different and heart warming story

This ended up in my FB feed and given its hiking related and generally a positive story thought I’d share it.


I initiated a Facebook conversation with these people. I thought they should be carrying a hand-held but they don’t know about Amateur Radio. I think they could use some education and support to get licensed. They’re in Fort Collins Colorado. Can someone reach out to them, please?

I met a similarly blind guy on a summit once. A word overused is “awesome”. But it was awesome to see this guy who had lost his sight 14 years previously walking up a mountain with his dog and a few friends to help. Put my achievements into context when he could do that.


An ex colleague manages to code SQL having lost his sight without seeing the code - itt is just read by Siri’s voice and he can code and debug brilliantly. I sometimes struggle to code when I can see it!


Wonder if it was the same blind guy i met on a summit several years ago. Also met a blind guy on the Merrick on day with his wife, his words were “as long I can see what I’m about to walk into before i hit it I’m happy!”

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Few years ago, while cqing on F/AM-079 at more than 10.000 feet asl (3050m),
i have seen a Lady (blind) arriving on summit; she followed her guide with a harness.
Look at the photo, she his the Lady with the red rucksack, you can see the harness too.


Blind climber Andy Holzer, OE7AJH, on Mount Everest:

73, Alfred, OE5AKM

Been there, done that…blood on the shirt!