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Off topic: Astronomy

Anyone interested in Astronomy checkout my youtube page
73 from Charlie

In reply to G0PZO:

We now know why you don’t do so many activations these days; stopping up all night to stargaze and sleeping all day.

What sort magnification is your telescope to get such nice clear video images of the moon?

I bought a nice telescope for my daughter but setting it up seemed problematic and we could never get the spotter scope aligned with the main reflector. In retrospect we should have started with something simpler.

Steve GW7AAV

Hi Steve
The magnification was 250x with a Meade electronic lens connected directly to my camcorder with an AV lead. On the 11/11/08 video the last two shots was 500x using a Barlow lens. The telescope is an 8" reflector. And no I didn’t stay up all night. These were taken about 6 o’clock in the evening.

Best wishes
from Charlie