Off to Wales (2m SSB)

Off to mid Wales in the van tomorrow for a couple of days mountain biking. Hope to activate NW034 on Tuesday (mid afternoon) and NW46 on Wednesday (mid morning); both 2m SSB only.

I will self spot if possible. Being a bit nesh, I wont bother if it’s raining. Nesh is a local word with an interesting etymology.


The nesh is strong with me… I was meant to be doing some Scottish hills this week but the WX is terrible today and tomorrow so I’ve delayed my vacation for 2 days at least.

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Heard the word Nesh being used a lot by Liverpudlians in the past. I interpreted it as “cold”.

73 Phil

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It’s a word I first chanced across in a song by The Macc Lads, the title of which cannot be repeated (like most of their discography).

Jimmy @M0HGY has been unusually un-nesh-like today, knowingly activating in wet weather.


I first met the word in Yorkshire over sixty years ago.

by context I think it meant cold sensitive or unclimatised.

Looks almost practical to make a contact on SSB from IO84 Richard. I’ll need to go up St Bees head to make it work I think so point north and I’ll have a go.


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GW/NW-034 Great to catch you Alex. Worked Don RQL (I was running just 2W when I worked him) and a chap in Lincolnshire. No sign of SSB devotee G8ADD. Sadly that was it on SSB as it started raining. I did qualify though as I caught a couple of chaps in S Wales on FM for s2s contacts. Not looking good for activation today. image

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Tnx again for 2mtr ssb Richard,if you have what we have coming today it could be a very wet activation. 73 Don.

I was there, though, I spent 40 minutes listening for you.

Very odd. The hill must have a great takeoff to West Midlands. Are you sure your antenna was connected?

I had to plug it in to start as it and the doublet were still out from the previous day’s thunderstorms, so I know it was in. The band was very staticy and there was a ragchew going on FM so I was receiving. I had a bit of a struggle with the rotator, like me its getting a bit ancient, so I had to nip out and check that it was pointing the right way! No, it was just one of those things, all I can say is better luck next time, not that the met looks that good for the next few days. :frowning_face:

I’m glad I decided to venture only as far as the garden today Richard. It was hard enough to keep things upright without being out on the fells. Shame we couldn’t get a s2s. maybe next time.

What are you using as a mast btw? the last time I tried using a pole on a bike it ended up banging me on the back of the head for most of the descent off the fell.


Yesterday I activated Carnedd y Filiast GW/NW-032. I had originally intended to do Carnedd Wen but that’s a relatively dull ride on a mountain bike. CyF is much more fun/challenging. The stream was easy to cross but I did dismount. It took about 45 minutes to reach the summit. I suspect that it could be done in around 30 minutes if you were rushing. On top it was windy, very windy. There is a shelter cairn that I was able to hunker down in to activate. First in the log was Don G0RQL. Six SSB contacts in all made for a very enjoyable activation. I spent quite a while calling CQ towards the West Midlands but once again G8ADD failed to make it into the log. Thanks for the SSB QSOs folks! I made a few FM contacts on the handy before the roller coaster ride down (half an hour). Gear: SB270+WASP special. FT-817 2.5/5 Watts.

PS If you are a mountain biker, this is a fun hill. The trail is probably mostly blue grade with sections of red grade.

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I use the SB270+WASP Special Combo. These clip together into one neat package for transport. They are using in conjunction with a walking pole giving a maximum mast height of about 2.5 metres. I carry everything in a rucksack; I’m not convinced that paniers would work too well for the sort of riding that I do… No head-banging problems encountered.

I feel honoured that you attach so much importance to working me, Richard, but regrettably when your spot came up I was out walking the dog.


It’s good to have an objective on an activation. You and Don are always top of my “look out for” list. I feel that I need to start carrying a small Champagne bottle “just in case”.

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Thanks for the short QSO and summit yesterday Richard.
I was descending from GW/NW-010, approaching Capel Curig at the time. 5W from IC92D to end fed dipole in rucksack.


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Jimmy @m0hgy and me are homing in on our next summit drinking session. We have developed a tradition of celebrating SOTA milestones with a suitable choice of alcoholic beverage

Jimmy’s MG, Corndon Hill GW/MW-013, 10th March 2012:


(Wainwright ale)

Completion of the GI association, Sawel Mountain GI/SM-001, 6th July 2017:



Completion of the GW/NW region (bigger than many associations!), Y Garn GW/NW-037, 6th June 2019:


(Snowdonia Ale)

This week, we have activated three of our remaining seven GW summits, so Jimmy is already researching the local ales for the Pandy area in anticipation!

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Here is a 360 degree photo from CyF. Click here

With the amount of Tequila you would need to drink when you finish any Mexican region you should start organising replacement livers and kidneys now!