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Off to EA6/ME Menorca from Oct 11

I’m going on a family trip to Menoca in 10 days. I’ll throw in the HF radio gear and try and do the two summits on the island as they are unactivated. Probably on the same day at some point in the week with a days car hire.

Happy with the radio stuff but can anyone explain the “access law” in Spain?

I’ll try and find the landowner for EA6/ME-002 but failing that I plan to just go for a walk up the track onto the hill. Am I going to get thrown in jail? Happy to just be asked to leave, I don’t mind that.

Michael DB7MM wrote me a lovely note in German that I could show to anyone who asked what I was up to.

I wonder if anyone could do the same for me in Spanish. I’m limited to Hola and Gracias… (spot the British person - no foreign languages)

Michaels words (in English) were

“I am from the UK and unfortunately do not speak German. I am an amateur radio operator and use my vacation in Germany to pursue my hobby. Due to international agreements I am allowed to operate my radio on amateur radio frequencies in Germany. Do you mind if I operate from this hill?” Obviously for German and Germany I need Menorca and Spanish.

Any help gratefully received.


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Soy del Reino Unido y por desgracia no hablo español . Yo soy un operador de radio aficionado y utilizo mis vacaciones en España para perseguir mi hobby . Debido a los acuerdos internacionales se me permite operar mi radio en las frecuencias de radio aficionados en España . ¿Te importa si me operan de esta colina



I recommend you take a photocopy of your English licence with you, along with a print out of CEPT T/R 61-01. Page 2 of the OFcom document actually suggests you may need to take the licence itself with you to prove authority to operate, but I’d take a photocopy. Page 2 and 3 explain CEPT in English, French & German, so hopefully any Spanish official might be able to understand one of the three languages in addition to Spanish and with the translation Karl has made for you - what could go wrong?


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Your translation is pretty good, Karl, and it’s fully understandable except for the expression “perseguir mi hobby”, which is literal translation from the English expression but it’s sensless to me.

Let me, please, suggest, the following few changes to your text:

Soy del Reino Unido y por desgracia no hablo español . Soy un radioaficionado con licencia británica y aprovecho mis vacaciones en España para disfrutar de mi hobby. Gracias a los acuerdos internacionales, con mi licencia británica de radioaficionado, tengo autorización para operar mi radio en España dentro de las frecuencias de radioaficionados.
¿Hay algún inconveniente si utilizo mi radio desde esta colina hoy y por un tiempo limitado?

Hi Gerald,
I’m confident you won’t have any problem to activate those summit in Menorca.
I wish you good luck and I hope you’ll activate on a weekend and I’ll have the chance to chase you.
If you’ll activate on some weekdays, it won’t be possible for me due to work :frowning:
Have fun.
73 de Guru

One word Guru - Gracias!

I’ll see how the weather is going. I am there Sunday to Sunday, so I could potentially leave it to the Saturday 17th October. I’ll alert as best I can.

Thanks again.

Karl - thanks for the translation too.


Our licences are now delivered electronically as PDF files.

Yeah Martyn, I print out a nice fresh copy of my licence and the relevant bits of CEPT T/R 61-01.


You could even it translated in Catalan or even Mallorqui dialect, although the locals should understand Castellano - Spanish to you & me.

Ha ha… applying the KISS principle to this one (for the non English speakers… KISS=Keep it Simple, Stupid!)

I’ll stick to the standard Spanish :smile:

Yes I know Martyn (I hold the call G8GLM) - so the text in the licence is somewhat non-sensible, but that’s what it says. In any case a photocopy or a reprint of the pdf file - either way a second copy and leave one copy at the home station.

73 Ed.

Was taken off Google English to Spanish

Thanks for correcting


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I have noticed Google Translate has improved dramatically over the past couple of years.


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Yes but you still get some “Funny” translations sometimes - I fed some German text in last week and the resulting English text was in part funny and in part non-understandable. I agree it has improved dramatically and there’s a lot less literal translation and more driven from the databank of corrections that Google ask for. I will be VERY SURPRISED when it gets to a state where it can generate the same style in the translated text as in the original text. That still needs a human touch. For technical literature translations however it’s getting close.


Sorry to say Guru but my activation attempt has to be today. Weather has picked up and tomorrow Sue and I are baby sitting our grandson for some of the day.

Alerts are up. With access (no path) and QRM problems I might get nothing done. We’ll see!

Catalan translation:

Sóc del Regne Unit i per desgràcia no parlo espanyol. Sóc un radioaficionat amb llicència britànica i aprofito les meves vacances a Espanya per gaudir del meu hobby. Gràcies als acords internacionals, amb la meva llicència britànica de radioaficionat, tinc autorització per operar la meva ràdio a Espanya dins de les freqüències de radioaficionats.
Hi ha algun inconvenient si utilitzo la meva ràdio desde aquest turó avui i per un temps limitat?

Courtesy of EA2EHK.

Hearing a SPA-88 Lota on 14275

so band open to spain be listening for you


As we say in Britain. … that was a score draw… mountains 1, Gerald 1…

First one EA/6 ME-002 was VERY frustrating. I had located a path using Google satellite view that got to within 100m of the edge of the activation zone… how hard could it be to do that last 100m cross country… turns out, very hard. Over head height dense undergrowth. I tried 4 or 5 different ways in. At one point my GPS put me at a location just 50m horizontal and 15m vertical from the start of the AZ. FRUSTRATING!

So back down empty handed, about 40 mins back to the car.

Drove round to EA6/ME-001. This is ‘drive on’. I found a spot as far from the commercial antennas as possible on the north side. Nothing on 2M FM (not a surprise), 40m was dead - no contacts. Then the move to 20m gave me almost an hour of continuous contacts (haven’t counted them yet).

I would never expect the mountains to beat you Gerald ! reads like you gave it everything though !


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Hello Gerald,
Thanks very much for the alert updates.
Well done on the effort.
I guessed you would be earlier onto ME-001 and glad to have made the contact. A forlorn hope I know but I did listen on 40!
Have a relaxing evening :wink: