OE5JFE End of year 2020 activation - SSB SOTA DX to ZL

Hello everyone,

Just a quick report on my activation yesterday on Schafkogel OE/OO-245
Hiked up with snowshoes together with Alexandre. Not too much snow so it was a bit of a fight up a steep non existing path. This summit is quite popular for ski touring but that would not have been an option with 10 cm of snow.
Ascent took a bit longer then expected but the views from the summit have been quite rewarding.

And on top of my 68th activation in 2020 the pileup on 20m concluded with a 5 Watt SSB contact with Andrei ZL1TM. Woow that’s a new record for me: 18000 km with 55 / 52 reports exchanged.

Thanks to all the chasers and the S2S with Gerhard @OE5PGM (operating special call OE25PGM/P) and Daniel @OE5HDX

And of course thanks to all the reliable chasers that I have in my log almost every activation: Don @G0RQL, Manuel @EA2DT, Ricardo @EA1DHB, Lars @SA4BLM, Jose @EA7GV and many more.

Used my ususal Up & Outer vertical antenna on 6m telescope mast and my trusty 817nd.

Enjoy the views:

I wish everyone a happy 2021 and good SOTA DX.
73 Joe


thanks for all your activations in 2020 joe , love the pics , happy new year 2021. ray

Thanks Ray for all the contacts. You are also quite frequently in my log in the past two month. Great signal and I enjoy your scottish accent so much. Greetings to Glasgow and looking forward to revisit Scottland soon.

73 Joe

Thanks Joe always a good signal to me,many thanks for all the activations in 2020 and the past years.May it continue in 2021.Great pics as always.
Take care and stay safe.73 Don G0RQL.

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Joe, thanks for your wishes and thanks for your fine activation reports with really great pics (especially about Japan).

Stay save, lucky and activ(ating)!
73 Ludwig

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thanks for all your activations in 2020 joe , love the pics , happy new year 2021. 73 Ricardo

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Thanks Joe for contacts, I hope to do S2S with you in 2021.
HNY & take care

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