OE5HCE RX Check?

Hi Christian,

I tried very hard to work you on 40M SSB this afternoon whilst you were on DM/BM-010 but to no avail. You got my suffix AFI but not the G4. You were a good 5,7-8 with me in SE UK.

I wonder if you have a problem with your RX or accidently switched in a 30db attenuator or something. For those stations you did work I noticed you were giving them much lower signal reports than you were receiving from them. There were probably 6 or more G stations calling you but you didnt hear any of us.

I may be wrong but I think it is worth checking your RX before your next activation.

Anyway I want to wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and New Year.

73s de Andrew, G4AFI

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Hi Christian,

Same remark as Andrew, very good signal 59+ in F but a lot of QRM on my side and may be also on your side because I had to repeat more time my callsign?

As a second point, in your log in the SOTA database there is an error: our QSO was made in SSB not in FM mode… and may be the other QSO also. Could you please correct this in the DB.

I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Sandra and hope to contact you soon from another summit.

73’s de Laurent F8CZI

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Hello Andrew,
I heard you and other G stations calling. Your and other G signals were fluctuating a lot and I was listening on a SteppIR vertical and dipole and phasing them.

The propagation I thought was unstable.

I decided to call Chris on the dipole which is cut for 40M and my best antenna for that band into EU - no joy. I switched to the vertical and Chris heard me and we made the contact (55 out 57 received). I carried on listening and the signal was varying a lot between the two antennas - unusual. The radio I was using was a Flexradio 5000A which is quite a sensitive receiver.

Just my 2p’s worth :sunglasses: Of course it could have been Mayan propagation! Not helped by a crowded 40M’s.

Merry Christmas to all.

Mike G6TUH

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Hello Andrew, Laurent and Mike!

Well, yesterday I had bad condition as 1 or 2 month ago …
Some DL and G stations told me, why I can’t answer the calling
stations. I had a QRN pegel of 59 and above …
It’s was to difficult to hear somebody, if stations came under S9
Laurent and Mike had luck and come through a QRN window by S7-S8.
And it was nessecary if the station call alone!!! and give the callsign
2-3 times again.

By good conditions are easy to hear 2 or 3 stations on the same time!

Don’t worry Andrew, certainly it will work at the next time again!
Hear you soon!

73, Chris OE5HCE

P.S.: I’ll try to record the conversations by bad conditions on MP3

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Hi Christian,
Glad to know the RX is OK. A QRN of 5,9+ explains all. Not worried just a little frustrated !

73s Andrew G4AFI