OE5 newcomer SOTA fieldday - Info for Sat 9th of June 2018


Just a short heads up for the already alerted SOTA Newcomer fieldday/activation this Saturday 9th of June.
Start will be at around 08:00 UTC (10:00 Local time) at Mayrhofberg OE/OO-330.

Together with the help of Sylvia @OE5YYN and Peter @OE5AUL we will have a group of just recently licensed operators with us to introduce them to SOTA.

We will share basics (SOTA operation, rules, tips and tricks, …) and give the chance to explore and try different antennas and rigs.

For the one or other newcomer the chance for a first QSO on short-wave drumroll.
Please work us all and be patient as we pass the mike around. Thanks a lot.

The one or other S2S would be greatly appreciated!
Looking forward to a fun SOTA fieldday activation.

In addition to what I alerted, Sylvia and Peter will work their usual bands and modes of course. In addition we plan to have an 80m band endfed for contacts in and around OE.

73 de Joe


Hi Joe,

A great activity which deserves some support!

I am not sure about my SOTA plans for the next weekend. Currently I am on a business trip in Germany and I have not seen my wife since I left for Friedrichshafen more than a week ago. Therefore, I might have other obligations…

If I would activate at all I would include the 80m dipole for sure. From home I could at least offer a CW QSO to get the youngsters introduced to my favorite mode.

73 Heinz


No worries, Heinz :slight_smile:
Take time to relax after the trip.

So let it be a spontaneous surprise if we have you for a S2S or as chaser from your home QTH.

Thanks for the encouraging words! I enjoyed this event last year as a newcomer thanks to Gerhard @OE5PGM who organised it and look forward to it this year as co-organizer.

73 Joe

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Hi Joe,

great plan! I will try to catch each of you S2S around 1000Z.

73 de Gilbert


Hi Gilbert,

Thanks! Looking forward to a S2S.

Btw. you can be live with us by having a look via the webcam installed at the tower.

We plan to be QRV from 8:00 UTC until about 10:30 UTC ± depending on our appetite and WX. :sunny:
We will spot ourself.

73 Joe

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WX forecast for my area is marginal, TS very likely. Hope it will do. Let’s see.

Bin morgen auch unterwegs und vielleicht klapp es mit S2S von Südtirol nach OE5.

Grüße Markus in3adf


Hi Joe,
I’ll be listening on 145.5 for any of the group on 2m FM as you’re too close for me on HF. Unfortuantely the 2m beam is horizontally polarised though.

73 Ed DD5LP (JN58la)

Hello Ed,

We will have a 2m 7 Element yagi for 2m SSB horizontal or FM vertical on FM so we will give it a try north west.
Will spot ourself

73 Joe

I’ll be just south of west fom you *see map below - (I’m near Landsberg am Lech on the left hand side of the map) … SSB would be prefferred if possible but I’ll try for FM as well.I’ll look out for the spots. Perhaps groundwave 40m might also be possible.

73 Ed.

Hallo zusammen

SOTAwatch bekommt dank euch eine ganz neue Bedeutung, hi! :eyes:

Wir wünschen euch allen einen spannenden Tag.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

I see the gear but where are the Ops?

Aha - found them at the other Bench/station:

Looks like they’ve packed up now.

I could JUST hear Peter AOL on 80m but not strong enoygh to work and I could tell Sylvia YYN’s carrier was there on 2m FM but again not workable - shame. I hope all involved enjoyed the outing - it was interesting to watch activities through the snap shots from the web cam!

73 Ed.


Hello Ed,
Thanks for keeping an eye on us hi
And for saving the webcam images for our joy.

A little summary:

3 hours at the summit passed in notime.
Newcomers Sabine OE5SLE, Andreas OE5AKR and Wolfgang OE5PWO having their first SOTA QSO’s.
Mario OE5MKE experimenting with his newly purchased Arrow Yagis to chase satellites and do some 2m SOTA QSOs.
In total ~ 14 YL, OM, friends and family and of course Kimo the SOTA dog enjoyed the sunshine and light breeze during our little SOTA fieldday or should I say “summitday”.

A lot of S2S in OE and all over Europa! Thanks everyone!

But see for yourself some closeup pictures:

Wolfgang OE5PWO, hiking up the to the summit

Andreas OE5AKR, with Sylvia OE5YYN and Peter OE5AUL

Christoph, Manfred OE5MBP, Sabine OE5SLE, Sylvia OE5YYN, (Peter hidden), Wolfgang OE5PWN

Discussing batteries for SOTA

Christian OE5BCG setting up AlphaAntenna Multiband, Mario OE5MKE assembling Yagis


Then we had a nice lunch at the beergarden in a nearby restaurant and celebrated the successful and fun day. New plans for making antennas and shopping parts together were formed. Amateur radio community at it’s best.

Big thanks go to Sylvia @OE5YYN , Peter @OE5AUL and Christian OE5BCG for the great teamwork!

I really enjoyed myself and have the feeling the ice is broken for the newcomers to call CQ SOTA :slight_smile:

73 Joe


This man kept staying on the tower and looking towards the webcam until he got caught by it :joy: - he was not part of our group…

73, Sylvia

Thank you Joe for organising this event. We all had a great time!

73, Sylvia & Peter


Maybe there is also an award system for being snapshot by webcams? Very possible!?

73, Joe

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Great fun! You did an outstanding and exemplary group activation. Tnx everybody!


When he came up and I asked him whether he was a ham he said “No, I have a different hobby”.
Maybe that’s what it was - “looking into webcams…” :grin::grin:


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Thanks a lot for joining in!

73, Sylvia

Webcam snapshot from March 30th in less pleasant weather during my activation of Laber DL/AM-060


No I’m not conducting an imaginary orchestra, I’m running the dipole wire out.