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OE/ST-575 not recognized on SOTAwatch


I have just been putting up some alerts for next week. When I checked OE/ST-575 (Sattlerkogel) it said summit not recognised. It is in YO3SAW’s SOTA Spotter app for Android, so I’m assuming it is a valid summit as the last time I had an invalid summit issue the app was right and the mapping site wrong. Is there anything I should know?
Cheers Matt


Both the database and the mapping site show OE/ST-575 as a valid summit - I just checked this; did you?. Don’t just assume that, because an error occurred in the past, that the same applies now.

When in doubt, the database summits listing http://www.sotadata.org.uk/summits.aspx is always the standard reference.


I think you would find that most if not all of the recently added summits, or summits with changed designations, will show as not recognised. This is because a new version of Sotawatch is in preparation and it was considered that the effort of updating the summit information on the current version of Sotawatch would detract from the time available to work on the new version. I’m sure that we all find this “summit not recognised” message irritating, but be patient and it will all be sorted out in due course.


OK, thanks for the info. I’m not too irritated by the message, but it is nice to know where I should look for a definitive answer. I did check all the sources I could, before posting, but I was unaware of how this conflicting information was being created.
73 de OE6FEG


Summit activated at 2018-06-30 after DOBL-fieldday :+1:


OE6PGM as OE100PGM/p


Gratuliere für der erste Activation!
73 de OE6FEG