from a posting on a other group,
Question, I had a sota contact this morning with an activator in Austria, on OE/OO-259, when I tried to log the contact on Sota database it said
"The summit was not a valid SOTA summit on the the date of your contact."
Can anyone tell me why this would be please?

Look it up on the database and see what it says for its history.

i was on OE/OO-359 today …

73 martin, oe5reo

tnx martin just seen your comment with Duane de 73 Steven

ok everyone looks like the station in question seems to have written the wrong summit down which im sure we have all done in the past

Is he going to claim it though?

According to comments on the Facebook post the chase has already claimed it.

Jimmy M0HGY

according to the sota database the chaser now has entered both the summit ref. and the activator callsign wrong :slight_smile:

Just had an email about that, will check the details I entered when next at home.

Checked my log and I had clicked on the wrong summit, I have deleted
the log entry and re entered it. Hopefully it should be correct now.

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