October 2019 Quarterly SOTA News

Here we are approaching the end of September and the nights are closing in in the northern hemisphere so it is just over a week till the October Quarterly News is due to be published to the reflector. We are also coming up to the equinox which, where I am, will technically be on Monday, 23 September 2019, 08:50. As usual I can only compile whatever is submitted so if nothing is, then no news will appear, so this is a call for submissions. Have you any newsworthy items that you would like included in the October Quarterly SOTA News? Maybe you have something you would like to share that you didn’t want to post as a topic on its own, but is still worth sharing. Please let me have any thing that I may include in the October Quarterly SOTA News.

We still have not had any regular contributors west of the Atlantic or south of the Equator so far so if you are interesting in doing so on a quarterly basis please let me know.

Please note that if you receive this as an email then you cannot reply by email as it goes nowhere. You need to reply via the reflector or better still message me directly via a PM.

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Hi Jim,
I passed 5000 activator points a few days ago. This follows being out of commission for 6 of the last 12 months due to various injuries, both mine and XYL’s (I was caregiver). Great to be back hiking again.
John K1JD
Santa Fe, NM


Thanks John,
Would you like to write a short article about that that I can include? Quarterly reports on milestones are compiled by Barry GM4TOE and the procedure is for him to detail such events when award certificates have been sent, so I don’t want to spike his guns on that by listing this elsewhere. However if you can write a short article preferably with a photo or two, I would be pleased to add that to the news.
73 Jim