O/T : Non-SOTA Activity This Evening

The Powys Amateur Radio Club (PARC) are holding their annual garden party at the home of Bill, GW4JUW. I will (weather permitting) be demonstating my current hf set-up. and will spot accordingly. May even try a chase if anyone is activating at the time.

Would appreciate a couple of QSOs to prove to the sceptics that beams and QRO are not necessary.

Regards, Dave, G6DTN and M0DFA

In reply to M0DFA:
Sorry Dave cant copy due to QRM from .171 and 174

Best regards Andy MM0USU

In reply to M0DFA:

Also listened here in Blackburn. Heard you occasionally during breaks in the QRM, but not workable on 7173 KHz. On a clear frequency you would have been easily workable though as 40m was / is in good shape tonight.



Thanks to everybody who listened for my calls. 40M was in good shape - couldn’t find a quiet slot anywhere when I set up.

The ladies (XYLs) had to drag us away, protesting (HI), with the call of FOOD! and would take no refusals.

Heavy rain then put a stop to any thoughts of further activity.

Main interest was the LiPo batteries I was using - 5Ah Turnigy 3 cell units from Hobbyking.

Many thanks, Dave, G6DTN