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NW44 time travelling

I worked G4PGO whilst I was on Moel Fammau NW-044 SOTA in filthyy weather today. DH3 then DH2 UHF DMR. My first simplex on that mode… Its been SO LONG since I last did an activation the notebook I took with me has an entry for 2006 in it, and someone has discovered a previously unknown entrance to the folly on the hill for goodness sakes!

Totally forgot to take photos of the fog and howling wind.

Not a bad list - 2m ssb was powerful quiet at first but then a mini pile up occured. Eee it took me right back. For a while I’d expected to go to FM but by the end of the list I wanted warmth instead…

G4ERQ SE Cheshire 52miles if qrz.com up to date
M0ICR 160miles away Middlesex
G1KAR/p 226miles sussex
M3RDZ 60miles Lancs
G0ELJ Birmingham 79miles
GD8EXI running 400w 88miles Isle of man
2W0JYN Rhos 10-15miles
G6WRW kidderminster 67miles
G1JZY Nth Manch 49miles
2E0KVJ Devon 167miles
G0RQL Devon 161miles
G0HRT Southport 41miles
All that on 4-5w from an FT817 into a SOTA dipole ( such well made kit for so simple a design )…really glad i took headphones though.
I might be hooked…again…

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Sadly I didn’t hear anything of you on 2m SSB in Cheltenham - I’ve worked NW-044 several times on 2m SSB before, so perhaps it takes a little more that 5W to reach here.

Thanks for looking. I was surprised to be called from Devon and Sussex I must say. Some ducting perhaps. Weather was odd - how can you have a howling wind and fog? Im guessing the temperature was probably warmer lower down the hill maybe so it was less fog and more cloud…

Here you go… “Hill Fog”, the bane of my life

“Up-slope fog or hill fog forms when winds blow air up a slope (called orographic lift), adiabatically cooling it as it rises, and causing the moisture in it to condense. This often causes freezing fog on mountaintops, where the cloud ceiling would not otherwise be low enough.”

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Well you learn something…er…every YEAR! :slight_smile:

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