NW trip abandoned

Sorry all but I have abandoned my 10 day trip to North Wales after two days having injured my ankle on descent from Elidir Fawr (NW-005).

Follwing previous posts on NW-005, please note that all routes up from the Llanberis side are very wet and boggy. Paths can be often difficult to follow and some of the terrain is quite nasty. I came down the path from Foel Goch to Nant Peris and really don’t recommend it.

It was nice to catch up with a few old friends if even only briefly.

As Arnie says “I’ll be back”

Mick 2E0MCV

In reply to M3MCV:
Sorry to hear about your ankle injury Mick, hope you have a fast recovery and I’ll be listening out for your call next time.

Roger MW0IDX

In reply to MW0IDX:

Thanks Roger. It looks like things are mending OK, I don’t expect to be venturing up that way now until sometime next year, maybe April/May.


Mick 2E0MCV

In reply to M3MCV:
Sorry to hear bout your ankle Mick and I also wish you a speedy recovery

73 Graham g4JZF