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NW-054, Penycloddiau

Sorry about the last minute change from my alert yesterday. I had longer than expected and so decided to do a slightly more distant (and pleasant) summit. Billinge Hill (as alerted) is a handy one to keep in reserve to break up motorway trips.

WX on Penycloddiau was poor with heavy showers, drizzle and mist. Despite that, the hill was amazingly busy - in fact I have never seen so many people up there. In the 40 minutes or so that I was there, I must have seen 30 people. Lots of families and some groups of walkers. One stopped for a lengthy chat - he was in training for a long distance walk in the summer. 2m FM was busy and 13 takers were quickly in the log. With an uncharacteristic lapse of concentration, Mike GW0DSP missed me but he was about on the band working others. Perhaps his long-trailed “easing off” has started at last! No DX worked and just the one s2s with Ian 2e0edx on Ingleborough.

I had hoped to do another summit on the way back but the mobile rang and I was summoned to pick my son up from his tournament.

Thanks to all the callers.



Nice summit Penycloddiau - but better left for a scorcher of a May or June morning though! Don’t think I’ve done it for a couple of years.

I may pop out to do a local one with Jimmy and Liam later today, to play with my new 20m antenna. Hope Lewis won his tournament.


Hi Richard,

Great report, I’m glad you changed the summit you did yesterday from Billinge Hill G/SP-017 to Penycloddiau GW/NW-054 because I was still thinking we could do a joint activation on Billinge Hill G/SP-017 and then have a meal at the Tai-Pan later on that day.

Jimmy M3EYP