NW-043 Quick Report from todays activity

HI All,

Just a quick report for Cyrn Y Brain today.

Woke up to a Snow filled Garden and thought how bad is “The Brain” going to be? so told Elaine to stay in bed and I would attempt it alone,but my leaving message was I may be back early if WX too bad!!

Roads to Ponderosa were OK with even the minor roads having a scattering of Salt on them. I was second car to get to Car park,The path to Moel Y gamelin looked worse than where I was going so decided to go for it! Once over the wobbly stile at base camp the sun came out and it was glorious all the way,really putting a good feeling in me, of “this is going to be a lovely walk!” getting to last steep section resting and turning round to see weather closing in fast,no more sun and a thick mist/fog descending on TX Tower ahead of me.

Reaching the shelter, snow was now falling and it had gone very cold and windy. The TX tower was no longer visible but I could make out its shadow in the Pea Souper all round me. Set up for 2m with the beam over my head allowing me to turn it if necessary,I gave a shout on 300 and G4FUJ came back immediately , qsyed to 330 and thanks to Graham for 1st contact and a spot on for me. 14 contacts later including a Scottish call GM6TVR, the usual patient chasers and then David 2E0DAI came in with correct pronunciation of the summit for me!!

Weather had not improved and visibility had been down to about 40m most of the time up there. Sorry for anyone waiting for me on 70cm ssb,as by now I was very cold even with three layers on. I decided to call it a day and head down to get a well deserved Hot Chocolate from the Ponderosa. Packing up I gingerly headed down the steepish sections as the snow was beginning to melt and had got slippy. The descent was once again in Bright Sunshine all the down and after my Chocolate stayed with me all the way home. Typical!!

Thanks to all who came back to my call,and sorry for anyone who missed me and anyone waiting on 70cms!!

A Timed photo of me in the shelter is on SOTA Group Photos pool

Best 73