NW-043 + NW-051 This week

Once again I would like to convey my gratitude to all stations who took the time to work me from these two summits yesterday and today.(30 + 31/12/11).
I hope I did not miss anyone as my intention is to work as many chasers as possible, but sometimes in the ‘scrum’ signals can get lost…
I appreciate Don G0RQL trying to make contact on both summits, but QRM on NW-043 and general noise today prevented us from logging contacts. Thanks for trying.
As a general comment, anyone wanting to activate NW-051 should be aware that the path when wet is very slippery and very muddy. You’ll need boots and to take your time - especially coming down!
Thanks once again,
John G1STQ

In reply to G1STQ:
Good to work you yesterday John.
You were only just audible in Cheltenham today, both Frank G3RMD and I were poised in case your signals came up a little :slight_smile: .

73 es HNY
Graham G4FUJ

In reply to G4FUJ:
Sorry to have missed you both, maybe the cloud I was sitting in did’nt help.
Mrs STQ kindly gave me a SOTA beam for Crimbo, so if I get the chance tomorrow to make it up, I will have a go with it on Monday. Hopefully my sig will be a bit stronger than usual.

In reply to G1STQ:
No worries John. Wonder what antenna you were using?
What an excellent present! Still have to really use mine in anger!

73 Graham G4FUJ