Number One In The World

Polish radio-amateur SP9AMH/qrp is absolutely the best QSO hunter in the world. His log is role model. I think he should recive an award because of this. Is anyone here who support my opinion?

I definitely agree, Mariusz is doing absolutely great on his QRP chasing.
I’ve been chased by him the remarkable number of 77 times, after my 197 activations.
Mariusz is my 8th top chaser.

Whether he deserves an award, it’s something I won’t say…

Thanks to Mariusz for so many chases and a happy 2017.



Of course SP9AMH should receive an award. We are an awards programme after all!

Many he can apply for here:

…which reminds me, I’ve got several more certificates I need to apply for since I last received any from Barry GM4TOE. Must get on to that.

My top chasers 2016:

73 from Alex

When I reach a summit, I feel sure that Mariusz will support us as a standard chaser!
Of course there so many others, but the only QRP chasers are Mariusz and Karl
(SP9AMH -M3FEH), as I have understood.To tell the truth I fell a little bit jealous that
I cannot work so many stations(as a chaser) as Mariusz. Is it the antenna or the
distance of my home QTH, which makes the difference?

I vote for Mariousz in any case!!!

73 de Christos.

Yes … when he chases 10 different ON summits in 2017, he can get an award from me. See SOTA News January 2017

73, Peter - ON4UP

Christos, I am sure that there are other QRP chasers, perhaps many of them. I frequently chase using 5 watts from an FT817ND but I don’t bother telling people - you either make the contact or you don’t, signing /QRP adds nothing to your signal strength!

Why do I chase with 5 watts when I have 100 watts available? Well, as many activators also use the FT817 I consider it more sporting to use the same power! It is, after all, just a game that we play, we are entitled to adopt our own handicaps within the rules.


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I agree Brian. I just expressed my personal thoughts and knowledge about Mariousz. Of course he should deserve also a greek award as a chaser “Work 10 greek assosiations” on I worked for a while as QRP station, it was when I had just only KX-3 at home, but, as I remember, tried so many times to have a QSO, that I felt very tired of the whole attempt.I felt like a frog among elephants! I should wait to the end of the row hoping for a QSO .This year I try to work a little QRO on the summits hoping for intercontinental S2S QSOs!

73 es HSNY! !!! (S fer SOTA)

Hi Christos,

Sorry to all if my post is a bit of hickjacking this thread. Should people feel the interest on posting about this matter, I may start a new thread or we may even post on this old one:

Yes, I’ve been chasing QRP 5w some time ago and it’s pretty much like that and I felt like that when I chased QRP for some months back in 2014. Chasing QRP among other QRO chasers means that you are either the first chaser or very probably the last one.

I remember some time ago when I asked the chasers to chase me on QRP during one of my activations. Unfortunately, I had very little success and just a few joint the QRP chasers group.
I asked that because I wanted to prove that the same number of QSOs would probably be logged on that activation because being my signal a QRP 5 watts one and having no urban QRM at the summit, I was pretty sure I would be able to copy and work every chasers even if they were transmitting with 5 watts. All QSOs would be 2xQRP.

Having all chasers on QRP 5 watts is interesting also because it’s a good way for the activator to have an idea of the way his own signals will probably be heard at the chasers end.
Sometimes, when activating, the chasers signals are so strong, that, despite being exchanging signal reports in each and every QSO, one tends to sometimes believe that his signals may be heard that well at the chasers side and this is obviously not true in most of the cases.

Another good thing with everybody chasing on QRP is that being the CW activator preferred frequencies many times near the QRP frequencies (MHz.030 and MHz.060), the fact of having chasers running QRO around those frequencies surely disturb quite a lot to the non SOTA QRP operators. This point was raised some time ago by an american chaser (don’t remember his callsign but I think it was a W6)

I know it’s hard to switch into QRP in these days of low solar activity but, don’t forget that many activators run QRP and they get to our receptors, so why do you think our signals will not get to the activator’s?

I’m thinking about possibly switching back to QRP chasing again. Anyone wishing to join the team?



I’m with you, Guru, it seems to me to be a worthwhile challenge!



Hi, Guru!

I would like to chase SOTA only QRP, but as it is not so simple to succeed this, my only proposal could be the QRP chaser to be given a bonus of double points of the summit. But who can confirm that a chaser works QRP? Unfortunately this last months I cannot copy and work a good percent of SOTA activators, 'cause of very bad propagation. I personally believe that SOTA activators work QRP, ‘cause of less load to be carried! SOTA is free of restrictions for the radioamateurs’ ERP! I am very thankful to all chasers, when I activate a summit and help me to qualify it without thinking of the power they use! All are welcome, just good spirit is a must!

73 de Christos.

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I strongly support this, Mariusz is really doing a great job!

Phew give us a chance and couple more years i catch up LOL.

Nice one on the title


I joined the QRP-team for almost 4 years…

Using QRP is always welcome.
I’ve never used more than 5W and I genuinely dislike any station that uses more because it makes my life more difficult.
Lately I’ve tried JT65 and even there some stations use kW power.

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