NS7P Today Achieved 50,000 Chaser Points!

Congratulation, Phil, on reaching 50,000 Chaser points Quite an accomplishment!

Phil has always been up there - top 0.4 percentile of all Chasers - and now, a 50K milestone to boot!
Us Left Coast Activators are thankful to have his attention!
Best wishes, Etienne-K7ATN

Congrats Phil. Now on to 100K. :smile:
Gary a. - W0MNA

Thank you for the recognition. It’s been an interesting ride. I slowed down in March due to illness. I expect to continue, although it is impacted by the fact that I now have Parkinson’s Disease. SOTA is my favorite ham radio activity. What a great bunch of folks!

Phil, NS7P


It’s always great to hear you answer me (loudly I might add) when I am on a summit. Great job Phil, and I will be looking for you from a Hawaii summit next week (KH6/HW-001 I hope).


That’s amazing. Even with his quiet location and directional antenna, Phil has nothing to the west, nothing south of the US, almost nothing to the north, and a very long haul to Europe. Always there for me, and now limited by the same condition as my friend N6BV. Go get 'em, champ.

Elliott, K6EL