NS7P now at 40K chaser point level

Way to go Phil. Congrats!
Gary a. - W0MNA

Also Congratulations on your 40K day, Phil ! 72 de Scotty

I just saw that on the spotter - congrats Phil !!

Congrats Phil…dedication pays.
de Dennis

Glad I was 8 of those points for you!!!



Congrats Phil, great work. ALWAYS nice to work u from the summits.


Thanks, guys. Chasing takes a lot of attention and dedication, but the activators make it all happen. Thanks for all of the summits!

Congrats Phil and thanks for answering my CQ :slight_smile:

Congratulations Phil and thanks for all the Q’s!

Congratulations Phil - great achievement.

As an SSB only activator, so glad we’ve got dedicated chasers like you, it makes my part much easier.

Excellent, Phil, and a wonderful milestone.

73, Walt W0CP

Congratulations Phil !

Phil, thanks much for chasing 419 of my activations, you’re #1… Hope to catch you on many more. Congrats on achieving 40K…

73, Dan NA6MG

Well done Phil. 40k amazing lot of work/attention :smiley:

Remember back in early 2011 how many where chasing, not many, and what the goal was then…1000!
Keep it going OM.


Hi Phil! Congrats!