NS7P joins 70,000 points club!

Congrats, Phil! That’s a LOTTA chasing.


Always amazing that a West coast station can hear that well. Congrats.

Elliott, K6EL

Amazing! Always good to hear you Phiil.

Congrats Phil. Not only one of the top chasers but over half way to Mountain Goat as well. All the best to you. 73 de Scotty

Outstanding accomplishment Phil! Thanks for the recent QSOs while I was activating in VK7/VK2.
John K1JD

Congratulations, Phil, that’s quite a milestone !!

We always marvel at your signal whether we are activating or chasing. So many times it is Portland to Portland as we live in NH about 45 miles west of Portland, ME. Many more!
KB1RJD and C
Merle and Herm

Grear job Phil. Keep up the good work. You’re always in our log on the rare occasions we get to activate.

Gary a. - W0MNA

Congrats Phil and thanks for always being there.

Seems like I log you on every activation . . . explains a lot. Nice work Phil!
Charlie NJ7V

Way to go Phil!

Roland KG7FOP

Simply stunning!


Congrats!! tnx 40m both ways.

73 de NU7A [Bren]

Phil, your call always brings a smile to Lynn’s face. When you called her on Pisgah she said “there’s Phil” as if she expected you all along. When we had our CW QSO I told her that you had reached 70K Chaser Points and “WOW” was the reply. Amazing Phil, thank you for chasing both of us when we are activating.


Super job Phil! On to the next 70K…

73, Bud N7CW

Congrats! Always know you’ll be my first caller on 40M if you can’t make it in 20M! Catch you on the next summit. 73, Jim/K7MK

Amazing! Always great to get you in the log! 73, Keith KR7RK

Congrats Phil, keep on trucking. I think the next milestone is 75K…isn’t that where they put the next acknowledgement on your award page? Like 10K,25K,50K? Not sure, just guessing. Thanks also for your activator points.

73/Tommy W7RV

Congrats Phil and thanks for the many times you’ve chased me.
Much appreciated.

Dennis - WA2USA

Congrats Phil! Best ears in the west. Your activations are inspiring.