NS7P hits 75K Chaser points

Great job Phil. Always look forward to putting your call in the log. On to the next milestone.

Gary a. - W0MNA

Congrats Phil! I can ALWAYS depend on Phil to be in my activator log even when I don’t post an alert. Also thanks for all the help you give to activators to help them make their activation successful… Phil is always there with info, freqs, StoS possibilities and the likes. His Activator points are going to catch his Chaser points with all the activating he does. Way to go, Phil!!
Doug n7cnh

Congratulation, Phil ! Well done!

Congrats and THANK YOU Phil! You’re call is in my log many, many times (including my last activation a couple of days ago). Thanks for being there Phil.
73 de Mike NS1A

Outstanding Phil!

Congratulations! Always a loud signal, and always good to get you in my log. :smile:

Congrats Phil!
Always a pleasure to hear your musical call sign in there, even under the most trying conditions.
Best, Ken, K6HPX

Congratulations Phil! And thanks for the many. many contacts.

Malcolm VE2DDZ

Congrats Phil…it’s amazing, no matter what band you are on, I can always copy you very well and you have the best ears in the Pac NW!

73/Tommy W7RV

Congratulations, Phil! Pretty outstanding stats! Well done!!

Dave, AE9Q

Congrats Phil! Always great to have you call in with your great signal and fist. Also, I hear you all the time at my home QTH (Boise, ID) working stations when I can’t hear a peep out of them! FB es 73! Jim/K7MK

Congratulations Phil. It takes real dedication to reach this level.
Charlie Y. - K0LAF

Well done Phil! It seems like you’re always there, and that’s deeply appreciated for winter activations. Hear you down the log.

Congrats Phil…amazing number of chaser points! I agree with Ken your call sign is very musical on CW ;-). You’re my #2 chaser. Thanks for being there OM.

73, Brad

Well done, Phil! Thanks for all the contacts, and for making the S2S QSOs happen!

Peter KD0YOB

Hey Phil, was a pleasure getting you over the hump! Congrats OM… Looking forward to many more contacts on the journey to your next milestone.

Best 73, Dan NA6MG

Great work Phil!

You’re in most of my logs! You do wonders on 40M CW, as well as other bands and modes!



Congrats!! To Phil, another hard earned milestone.

73 de NU7A [Bren]


Congratulations Phil. I am right on your tail … nearly 5K points here, Hi.

Tom NQ7R