NP Fun Day activation 4 Jan 09

G/NP-004 Whernside (ascent 1hr 6 mins - descent 27 mins)

May I take this opportunity to thank all the activators who braved cold conditions to participate in the NP Fun Day. As the event organiser I was thanked on air several times and even asked if it could be made an annual event! It seemed that we almost took over the whole of the FM portion of the 2M band as almost everywhere I tuned had a /P station on it.

Billy 2E0WJC and I were sat behind the wall at the opposite side of the wall to the trig point on NP-004 Whernisde sheltering from the cold biting wind admiring the sprinkling of snow around us.

After working through the S2S stations I put out a general cq call and worked quite a pile up before the temperature dropped enough to tell us that it was time to descend. My apologies to those stations that didn’t manage to work me on this occasion but as I have stated before safety is paramount.

All in all I hope everyone had a great day and can we do it again? Of course we can, though maybe a summer event next time!

Apologies that I could not attend the meet afterwards but I had to return home to collect my son. It would have been nice to put a face to a callsign but after today I have no doubt that there will be other times.

Again many many thanks to those that took part and a Happy New year to all activators and chasers who make our fun hobby what it is.

Total- 9 Activator points and 51 Chaser Points.

73 Chris 2E0FSR & Billy 2E0WJC

In reply to 2E0FSR:
Hello Chris and Billy

Thank you for organising this event and best wishes to all who took part and to the chasers also, some of who knew little or nothing about SOTA. What a magnificent way to promote this part of our hobby on VHF to people who know little about what we do.

We had a good day on G/NP-024 Hoove, which is not far south of the A1/A66 Scotch Corner to Brough road when you turn off on the opposite side to Barnard Castle. We approached the summit from the north (80 minute walk), crossing the Durham/North Yorkshire border having walked through Stang Forest, much of which has been recently felled. We returned straight back across the moor to the car park at NZ022075 and this only took 30 minutes of rough walking. The moor was frozen with a good dusting of snow so no bogs at all to contend with.

30 QSOs were made of which 14 were S2S contacts with SOTA activators in the NP, LD, SP and NW areas. ODX being with Ron GW4EVX/P on Foel Fenli NW-051 (170 Km). A rucksack special mounted on a plastic electric fence post was used with an FT-857 and 7 AH SLAB providing 50 watts of power.

With XYL Judy and dog Treacle on board this had to be a fairly short activation and I was QRV for 70 minutes.

The round trip was 138 miles from Pickering via the A66 outward and returning via Reeth (where tea and cake in the bakery cafe was enjoyed), Leyburn and Masham. We left home at 9.15am back at 5.00pm. A grand day out and an easy 5 points in the bag with the winter bonus. A few pictures are now in the SOTA Group on Flickr.

Thanks for Geoff G4WHA in Penrith for spotting me. I didn’t stay on one freq but flitted around as responses to CQ calls on S20 or on other vacant channels produced few takers apart from several stations in the north east.

Distance Walked 3.5 miles (2.2 mile out and 1.3 mile return)with 396 ft of ascent. More info about the route taken on the NP-024 Summits page Summits on the Air

73 Phil

In reply to G4OBK:
PS I forgot to mention that Judy (XYL) found the (frozen but easily released) SOTA Cache on Hoove NP-024. It was me though who signed the book. This had been left by Steve G1INK and I was the first to sign it. I think Charlie GW0PZO may have also had something to do with this!

Nice one guys, the cache was put back in it’s original position.


Excellent event. Well done Chris and participants.

I will detail my activation report elsewhere (probably in the “NP in our sights” thread) when I get round to it, but a few bits and bobs:

Began the day by activating The Cloud G/SP-015 (well it wouldn’t be a day with a ‘y’ in it otherwise, would it?).

Commenced walk up Wild Boar Fell G/LD-007 at around 10.50am. What a lovely hill. A really good and enjoyable walk in a light covering of snow, with stunning views all around, all day.

Loads of S2S contacts - great fun. Including one that secured Jimmy his Shack Sloth. But before doing the S2S bit, my early arrival on summit allowed me to qualify the activation with five 2m CW QSOs - pleasing.

Descent every bit as enjoyable as the ascent - took 1 hour.

Wx - very cold. I was shivering by the end of the activation (yep, stayed too long, not clever), but was OK by 15 minutes into the descent. Thank goodness there was not any proper wind exacerbating the cold.

9 activator points. 53 chaser points. 20 SWL points. Well over 50 QSOs between us on the activation.

Fish & chips from The Fisherman Inn in Settle was every bit as good as billed. The Jennings ale in the Harts Head didn’t disappoint either. Great to meet up with old faces and some new ones. Jimmy M3EYP enjoyed the company of Thomas M3OOL and Tim 2E0KEA, both similar age to him.

Very good. Enjoyed it.


In reply to M1EYP:

What a day, well done for the organisation Chris.

Two metres was bouncing up North today, it was difficult to find a clear channel at one stage, what a superb day for SOTA and a good advert for the scheme, followed by a social meet. I managed to score 50 chaser points purely by means of S2S contacts. When’s the next one Chris?

Watch for the next edition of Summits News for the full write up and post activation photos.


I think that the biggest benefactor of the day was SOTA, what a fantastic promotion.

This should appear in Radcom though I have no idea how to go about it.

73 Chris 2E0FSR

In reply to 2E0FSR:

Email them and ask how to submit a story.

Congratulations on a successful event Chris.


In reply to 2E0FSR:
Sorry that we didn’t stop folks, only Ian (G7EGQ)- who was on stand-by for work, and couldn’t join in the ‘fun’ - had already gotten our tea on the go. It was nice to put some faces to call signs and vice versa I suppose.
I was still quite muscle stiff from walking Stoney Cove Pike on the previous Friday, but the thought of so many summits was too good to miss out on. Thanks fellas - and not forgetting the understanding XYL’s - after all I was one!

Did Lee get home OK after the unfortunate case of flateous batterious?

Amanda (2E0MND), Jordan (M3TMX), Lorna & Kieran

It was an amazing day for me starting at 02:38 (reason why in report to follow). I have learnt quite a few things along the way, principally that to contact everyone I would like to from these summits I need 3 hours! They are always a culture shock after the kind of summits that I usually active. Apologies for my non-appearance on 2m SSB from Great Knoutberry - I just ran out of time (Mike G4BLH says I am in deep doo-doo, Hi). I didn’t even get onto my favourite band of 70cms from either summit!

It was good to meet Jordan M3TMX and Amanda 2E0MND on the track to Great Coum as we changed over operating duties on the hill. Also a surprise to meet Mike 2E0VMF and his good lady on Great Knoutberry and to work him on their descent.

The post-activation social was a chance to meet both known activators and quite a few new ones. Pity that I had 198 miles to drive as I would have liked to have stayed longer. I think this is an event that could well be repeated, possibly in June and the post-activation social held at a pub with garden seating. Thanks to Chris for organising this one.

73, Gerald

In reply to 2E0FSR:

Thanks for organizing the event Steve. A grand day out was had
by all on Great Shunner fell NP-006. Look forward to the the next one.


Rick M0RCP

In reply to 2E0FSR:

Thanks Chris for putting this activity day together, much enjoyed by myself & everyone else I met or spoke to, even the weather behaved itself.

I arrived at Tor Dike parking spot around 0830, the road at this altitude being very much like a skating rink. I had alerted to do NP-008 first then NP-009 for the fun day. In the end I decided to reverse my summits to get the long walk in to Buckden Pike out of the way. I made good time to the summit of NP-009 with the normally boggy ground being frozen hard with a covering of snow. Once on the summit I set up near the trig point - I`ve never actually been near this trig before as I normally activate near the plane crash memorial. HF only from this summit, 40m & 80m produced 53 contacts in 35 minutes. It was then back to the car to pick up 2 x 7aH slabs, a drink, then the short steep haul up to NP-008.

Once in the activation area, I set up about 400m SE of the summit, approx 5m below the trig point. This summit is normally very busy, but I think the cold kept the crowds away today. First off was 2m FM for the planned fun day activity. I was set up and ready to go with 6 minutes to spare before the alloted 1300 start time. I hunted around working summit - summit contacts before settling down on my own frequency. FM being my least liked mode produced 53 contacts as the pileup was worked down & the first slab was depleted. During the activity I paused to speak to a walker who asked me what I was doing, when I told him he said he could see another mast near the trigpoint (I couldnt Im short sighted). Later on I found out this must have been G1JTD who must have started on 2m after I went to HF. I was now starting to feel the cold after erecting the HF dipole. A mix of 40/60/80m brought another 42 contacts bringing the total for the summit to 95. I then packed up in record time and raced past a group of about 15 walkers gingerly picking their way over the ice sheet covering the path - I was smugly wearing my instep crampons.

I then headed off to Settle to join a pleasing number of fellow activators for fish and chips and a good hour in the pub. Nice to see a few new faces along with a few old stagers. A very pleasant day with 15 other summits worked - looking at the spots I dont think I missed many. Sorry not to meet Richard on the summit, just hope I left enough chasers for him ;-) I took a couple of pics & a few video clips. If enough footage Ill try & put something on you tube & the pics on flikr.

73s from snowy Buxton.

In reply to All:

Great event, loved every minute of it, especially the flurry of contacts on 2m once we were all on our summits.
Morgan and I with his mate from school and his mum, parked at the cattle grid car park before making our way up the less strenuous path to NP-010 Pen Y Ghent, took us 1hr 30 to reach the summit. Worked almost all, think I just missed Scott 2E0RCS on Ingleborough sorry Scott.
It really was cold but spend almost 2hrs on the summit before heading down to The Fisherman in Settle for fish and chips… Yes I was the first in, HI
Good to see many old friends after such a great day, there will be more of these oraginised raids, for more info visit and view the special events section.

Well done Chris, it was a cracker.


In reply to 2E0FSR:

This should appear in Radcom though I have no idea how to go about it.


A telephone call to the editor would be a good start. She will expect short write up and photos will be essential.



In reply to G3CWI:

In reply to 2E0FSR:

This should appear in Radcom though I have no idea how to go
about it.


A telephone call to the editor would be a good start. She will expect
short write up and photos will be essential.



Chris, I have posted the Radcom News section email address on the Sotaforum. I have a few photos from the post activation social. If you want them, let me know and I’ll email them to you.


I’m happy to handle the press release routine for this if required. I already have the contacts and emails with the various magazines, including Radcom, and they are all used to receiving SOTA news items from me.


In reply to 2E0FSR:
hi Chris.Thanks for organising a superb event.We certainly livened 2 meters up.We are looking forward to the next one.All the best Geoff G6MZX

G/NP-028 Rombalds Moor

After a telephone conversation with Geoff G4CPA, we decided to do a joint activation of Rombalds Moor. The drive up was pleasant untill TomTom threw a fliddy and sent me through Leeds, then Ilkley and up the wrong side of the summit. Luckily, Geoff was already on the summit and offered talk in on 2 metres.

The access road up to the summit had several patches of thick ice on it and the drainage ditch beside the road was solid ice, many inches thick. On arrival at the summit, Geoff and I said hello and made a decision to activate from the parking area which is well within the activation zone. My old walking boots are split and the parking area was dry. Ironically my new boots arrived this morning 5th January. I bungeed my pole to the fence and set up my hf linked dipole so that the coax reached the area directly behind my car, this made for a comfortable area of operation, plus the fact that my FT-857 could be connected to a 110ah leisure battery. Geoff and I decided to share my set up and we operated on an alternate basis.

I fired off on 80m-cw with 40 watts and Roy G4SSH came straight back to my cq and was 1st in the log with many to follow. Next came 80m-ssb and good reports were given all around, the same could be said for 60m-ssb and 40m-cw. It was quite amusing to hear several stations replying to Geoff with gm Mike even after I announced “change of op nw, pse qrx”. After just five qsos on 40m-cw my fingers were frozen so I handed over to Geoff to continue and went for a sit in my car where a ham sandwich and a drink were had in the warm, Geoff followed me after he had worked the pile up.

While in the car, Geoff worked a few of his local Craggie friends who were all a big signal. Time was pressing on and we needed to get set up for 2 metres. At that point a couple of cars pulled up and the occupant of one of the cars was taking photos of us. After taking their candid camera shots, they drove up to the gate by the transmitters and parked up. I got out of the car at this point and started my 2m-fm activation on my handheld while Geoff finished his sandwich. I was surprised to hear so many good signals on my handheld and even managed a cracking S2S with Ron GW4EVX/P on GW/NW-051, great going for my handheld. I got back in the car to tell Geof we needed to get the SB5 up when the two cars came back down from the masts and parked up. It turned out to be Steve M0SGB and Myke G6DDQ. We had a brief chat followed by an Elvis impression by Steve, all will be revealed in the next summits news. Steve & Myke said their goodbye’s and headed off so we got the beam connected up, resumed our position at the rear of the car and worked through the S2S contacts and chasers. Apologies for not getting onto ssb on 2m but it was hectic on FM and we ran out of time. I think I worked every summit bar Phil OPV, apologies Phil but I couldn’t find you. I managed 46 QSOs and 50 chaser points, not bad for a day outside the shack, hi.

After the activation I drove up to Settle to the Fisherman Inn chippy for a much enjoyed fish n chips in the company of many Sota friends and then on to the Harts Head Hotel IN Giggleswick to sample a pint of “Golden Pippin” as recommended by the good beer expert Steve G1INK. I have to admit it, Steve knows his beer and it was a fitting tribute to end the day. The social made the day for me, meeting so many new faces.

Thanks to Chris for his superb organisation, to all activators and chasers and special thanks to Geoff for his good company during the joint activation.



In reply to GW0DSP:

Thanks for the report Mike. Any photos?



In reply to G3CWI:

The photos will accompany the event story in the next edition of Summits News.



Summit: G/NP-011 (Great Coum)

After a few family negotiations and a good dose of cabin fever from the Christmas holidays, we took a good look at the OS maps at what hills were left on offer. The decision was made on Great Coum. The suggestion by Jordan-M3TMX to also include Whernside was quickly dismissed.
One early morning wake up call (for a Sunday anyway) and we were off towards Kirby Lonsdale, half an hour early than planned. Unfortunately Ian – G7EGQ (the OM!!) was missing out on this expedition due to standby commitments with work. Jordan was map reading and nearly missed our turning when he got engrossed in our conversation.
En route up the gated road, with the occasional solid patch of ice, we came across a fellow amateur Scott-2E0RCS standing next to his car, and after a brief conversation, we carried on a little further to our planned parking area, as suggested in M1EYP’s report linked to the Sota Website, only to see yet another car parked. We had an idea as to who this could be.
After donning our boots, and sorting out the little one’s knotted lace, we headed up the heavily iced track that started the assent to the summit. A few yards in we met Gerald-G4OIG who had operated the summit earlier in the morning.
We somehow managed to miss the gate into the field and eventually climbed over the fence (naughty we know) to follow the wall up to the dip between the two hills. The two boys raced ahead, leaving me and my daughter to struggle on by ourselves. (In my head I was thinking Lingmoor Fell all over again). After a refuelling stop at the top, we headed off to the summit. Cairn, again with the boys racing ahead. Jordan, in a hurry as usual, didn’t want to miss anything.
On reaching the summit a quick photo of the three youngsters was taken before Jordan ran off again to set up the SOTA beam, whilst the other two sat and ate their sandwiches.
A scan of the 2M band found there were virtually no frequencies left, so we just hunted around to get as many S2S, before been told by Ian, who was at home, that everyone was looking for us. We eventually settled on a frequency and were instantly inundated.
Once the chasers had dried up we packed up and headed back down the hill to the car and onto Settle where most of the activators were heading for a meet and greet. We were able to put faces to voices and callsigns of most of those worked S2S during the day.
Ian also had a good chaser day with 70points gained and no callouts to work
A good time was had by all and many thanks to Chris 2E0FSR for organising the day.
We are all looking forward to the International weekend if it happens.

During this time we had:
14 QSO’s for 2E0MND all S2S
12-NP, 1-SP, 1-GW/NW
All 2M fm

19 QSO’s for M3TMX including 14 S2S
12-NP, 1-SP, 1-GW/NW
All 2M fm

19 chaser QSO’s for G7EGQ
3-SP, 2-LD, 12-NP, 2-GW/NW
1-60M ssb, 1-2M ssb, 17-2M fm


Amanda 2E0MND, Jordan M3TMX