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An ultra minimalist radio designed by Guido PE1NNZ, all info are available from the link above.

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Nice case btw. but this project was already discussed here:

and here

Designing a new small pcb in KiCad or Eagle with only the relevant components would be interesting.

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My apology,

My thought that it is an “uSDX” not a modified “QCX” from Hans.

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TU de vk2ihl

I think the photo gives it away!

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Current developments here (needs registering):

A few users are already designing PCBs in TH and SMD. Gerbers for one of TH boards already available.
Also shown very interesting SMD version, not much bigger than LCD display itself, but still WIP, so no gerbers yet.

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How on earth is this possible in a 328 is beyond me at the moment. Multiple roofers
CIC amazing

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L’habit ne fait pas le moine.

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