Not SOTA - Tim Peake - International Space Station

Student Foundation amateur radio licencees and other hams are contacting Tim Peake in the International Space Station at 0847z via amateur radio. You can watch is on the BBC Breakfast show live this morning.

73 Phil

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Morning Phil, yes interesting stuff. Frequency 145.800, will turn on my Kenwood H/H :wink:

Still a SOTA approved surname though :grinning:


Hi Phil,
Yes listened / watched the whole event.

Very professionally done, shame the length of the contact was so short.

Interestingly I got a stronger signal (up to S9+50db indicated!) from the ISS for a longer time here - and that with the 2m Moxon pointing into the ground as the mast is tipped over!


Heard Tim Peake GB1SS talking to ’ Imogen and Jamie’ GB1SAN…interesting answers to their questions…5/3 at best on my co-linear which is not the best antenna for satellites. It was a good pass and I heard him calling way out to the West.

Looking at some other Peakes to activate now…

73 Allan GW4VPX

Also heard him for a few minutes using a co-linear into my FT-8900, and like Allan at best 5/3. I thought the kids did very well, good advert for amateur radio, well done to the head teacher G4DJX.


Victor GI4ONL

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Hello Victor,
No copy here, no surprise on my H/H.

I absolutely agree. I admit I got quite anxious when she was calling for a awhile with no response.


Ditto here but then I heard Tim replying, it seems I got AOS about 2 minutes before Sandringham and LOS about 1 minute afterwards, so I suspect the pass may have been more over Central Europe than the UK. But she did well to keep to the script and keep trying.

Tim just broke the squelch a couple of times on the Wouxon HT with it’s rubber duck antenna (inside) but not enough to claim a real copy on it - the TS2000 with the 2m Moxon pointing into the ground (i.e. off the back of the antenna) was a really strong signal though - hence I think the ISS was perhaps overhead for me.


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I enjoyed the event this morning, was out in the garden with my 3yr old son listening on my FT-60R. There was obviously a technical issue somewhere in the works, the signal should have been much stronger for the guys in the school.

Like a lot of the YouTube clips, I received a 2 to 3 minute portion of extremely strong signal from Tim.

Good advert for amateur radio, we need more positive media exposure for our hobby in the UK.


Maybe because lots of us hams were listening in, there wasn’t enough of Tim’s signal to go around :wink:

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It looks like the BBC were also there - as they already have the event featured on their website:

Hi Colin,
I was surprised to see them using dish antennas for the contact. 23cm and up, OK but 2m ?? I would have thought a Yagi shuld be more than good enough - indeed with the signal I was getting a Halo would probably also have worked!


Great ISS pass earlier this evening, beautiful crystal clear sky. The radio issues seem to have been sorted too and Tim sounded to be on form.

How cool to see the ISS and hear someone aboard at the same time!

73, Colin