Not receiving daily digests

I haven’t received any daily SOTAwatch digests since Tuesday - is there a problem with the system?

Tnx 73 rob DM1CM

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Nor have I. I was about to report it myself.

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I think something has broken as my daily digest which normally arrivse at 0200 or 0300 in the morning is not arriving the last couple of days.

Is there anyone out there who works in support of the SOTA “Big Society” please fix it?

I just updated my user details which were reset and saved to the same as before - (E-Mail reflector digest) HTML.

I’ll check again tomorrow to see if the digest comes in overnight.

73 and thanks


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I’ve just realized I’m not getting mine either, most probaly a blip
in the upgrades or whatever

73 Graham G4JZ

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Jon is aware that this has stopped working and he hopes to have a look at this over the weekend.


In reply to MM0FMF:
thank you Andy

73 Graham G4JZF

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“a blip in the updrades”: sounds painful - have you tried acupuncture? Works wonders for my lumbago…


Thank’s to Jon and Andy - the Daily Digest has now been reinstated - mine arrived overnight.