Not prepared ,G/SC-008 WIN GREEN today /WAB squares

Today I visited WIN GREEN G/SC-008 for a short activation .
I added a microphone to my rucksack in the hope that I might bag an S2S on 40m SSB as I saw that other UK activators were going to be out .
However on arrival on site I found that my linked dipole ,left in the rucksack from my last outing , was for WARC bands 10mhz/18mhz/24mhz.
Doh !
A few QSO’s were made on 10mhz and then a few more on 18mhz CW but then I was asked for my WAB square !
Well I normally write the WAB square and QTH locator on my log sheet before I leave home and don’t get asked ! Murphy’s law working well again.
No worries I will email it out when I get home.
Just taking down email address when a frisky passing dog gets caught up in my aerial lead , never mind I think I have copied it okay . Wrong ! and the email address on does not work either.

If anyone reading this wants to find a WAB square reference for any UK SOTA summit you just have to find the Grid Reference on the SOTA summit details page and take the two letters and the first and fourth digit of the 6 figure grid reference.
e.g. WIN GREEN G/SC-008 is Grid Reference ST 925206 , so the WAB square becomes ST 92.
Simples .
David G3RDQ

WAB squares easy.

Go on the spot or sota ref page
Tap on the Sota ref (UK of course) G/SC-008

IN this case find the Grid Reference: ST 925206

use the two letters ST and then the first and fourth number 9 & 2
And bingo you have your WAB square ST-92

G/DC-003 Kitt hill G/Ref is SX 374713,

SX plus first and fourth number = WAB SX-37

As the man says simple’s. even the Locator square is in there as well :smile:

Of course, there are probably a few Gx/ summits where the grid location given on the summit page might well not give the correct WAB square because the summit’s activation area spreads into two or more adjacent squares…

If it’s Locators you’re after, then there are certainly cases where the activator might be in a Locator other than the one on the summits page…

As an old mentor of mine used to say… Fail to prepare? Prepare to fail!

We’ve all been there. Better than forgetting to write the ref down is much the same as me swapping the refs on 2 maps I’d printed and giving out complete mince for a location!

You can always give OV00 if you don’t know the square. That is so rare the person receiving it will immediately check and report back your correct square! :smile:

The chaser is usually in a warm shack with internet access who knows exactly where you are. Your on the hill freezing and trying to stay focused. If you know it then fine. Your usually doing SOTA not WAB…

Life is too short to worry about squares :slight_smile:


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HI Don,
Now I’ve APRS (And D-star :slight_smile: ) So If someone want to see where I am they can check to APRS.FI !!!
(That’s good sometimes to see if I’m really on the good one :wink: like in DL where I don’t climb the good one and get down to climb the good one lol !!!) So if the summit is near 2 WAB square they can check where you are… So where YOU are but the Antenna ?? lol !!!
To heard you soon !