Not only bad propagation

Besides the sometimes bad propagation, have a look at:

73 de geert pa7zee

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Listening to that sound file.
There s signal regular heard on 28360 similar to that minus the dots.
But last few seconds like that but then sounds like somebody whistling a dog
And repeats any one else heard it.
Yet Es been providing some good contacts on 20 and 15 today


On 14.280 is a constant carier that makes other radio communiction almost impossible. The cause is in this report. I do not understand why there are still activators on this frequency.
73 de geert pa7zee

When 14285 is busy usually people move up or down.
14280 is one of them never really had any problems with said freq and worked many a Sota on there. Only real times get QRM is usually from strong contest stations or the over horizon radar that is pretty much broad band in first place.

Strange signals and noise on the ham bands is nothing new if anything compared to ten years ago there seems to be less. Who remembers those pesky number stations that popped up all over the place.