Not on HB/VS-019 but VS-119

I for sure was not on HB/VS-019 but on HB/VS-119 (Pointe de l´ Au)this morning.
I was in hurry because it was rainig so my keying was maybe not my best altough I usually use to so send T for the figure 0…
In the afternoon on HB/VS-240 (Croix de Culet) (typing error on the summit list as Ctoix de Culet)
also short show only because of rain…

73 cu Kurt HB9AFI

In reply to HB9AFI:

Hi Kurt

The error in the Reference was not the fault of your keying. It was my best guess.

Conditions today on 40m were abysmal, with an almost flat band and high background noise at my QTH and you were one of the few stations I managed to copy all day on this band.

Your CW signal was only rising above the noise floor for seconds in the QSB and although we managed a contact I was unsure of the reference. (I copied VS.1N) before you became totally inaudible shortly afterwards.

I heard about half a dozen chasers contact you and waited to see if someone else would spot you, but as is often the case nobody did, so I made a best guess at VS-019, with the comment REF DOUBTFUL, in the hope that this would alert other chasers for you who would correct it if wrong. This did not happen.

Thanks for the QSO and the post, I have now corrected the original spot to VS 119.