NOT on DM/BW361 2day

Please do NOT only copy KU6J announcements.
There was a deviation 2day that brought me and my motor scooter to Singen area
instead of Stockach.
So I decided to start with Rosenegger Berg, BW116, and had 27 contacts.
After that I visited Rauhenberg, BW116 , but my key was broken and I found it
hard to use the mike buttons instead. Also it was late and no real chance on
40m with 5 W from FT817 against the strong ones.
So only Ambrosi, HB9AGH, made it to BW-116.
I will try again tomorrow or later this week for BW 361 and 1 or 2 others.

Cul and listen, listen, listen
Mike, dj5av

Which of these 2 is really BW-116?

Sri for typo.
Activated BW-116, Rosenegger Berg, 12:53 - 13:15 Z. Did 27 QSOs, Till now only G4APO has reference correct.
On Rauhenberg, BW365, I called 15:25 until after 16:00Z and managed only 1 QSO,
logged correctly by Ambrosi, hb9agh.
Will try BW-361, BW-365, and other BW- in this area later this week.
Depending on WX because I do only have a motor scooter available this week.

73 de Mike, dj5av