Not in log for HB/AR-008?

Hi all,

My log sheet for AR-008 flew away in a great gust of wind today. I recalled about half of the QSOs, but if you’re not in there, please contact me offline at this e-mail mycallatarrldotnet, where my call is AA1MI.

There wasn’t terribly much wind in the valleys and “lowlands”, so even though there were predictions of gale force winds in the mountains, how bad could it be? Bad. Real bad. Steady winds of 55 km/h, gusts well above 70 km/h. At times, it was blowing me sideways off the trail, which is exciting when you’re on a narrow ridge between peaks.

I did two SOTAs today. The first went fine, the wind really picked up for the second. I did find a spot in the lee of a long building to set up at. Even so, at one point there was a sudden change of direction, and there was literally a cloud of snow blasting upon me. Covered my face and glasses, couldn’t see. At this point, I was getting tired and cold, so I QRT on the spot (apologies to those who were in the queue). Besides that, the wind had drifted snow over all the hiking paths and even all the roads; I was sitting on the summit, looking down, asking myself “how am I ever going to find the trail?”. (Turns out it was far easier than I expected, but I tend to be conservative in such conditions). Anyway, as I was putting everything away, just at the time I took my log sheet off the clipboard, there was another gust and off flew my log sheet. And not just a few feet away!

Bottom line: I have reconstructed the log to the best of my feeble memory. I think I covered about half of the entires. Enough for my points – but you want your points, too! If you’re one of the people not in there, please get in touch with me using the info given earlier.