Not Being Picky

Just looking at the Alerts for Wednesday 25th arch 2009, And see that Phil g4obk is doing 3 summits in a day, (hope you do them). LD-010 St Sunday Crag, LD-007 Fairfield and LD-022 Seat Sandle, If i was doing these summits, then i would them as below, as once you have done St Sunday you then climb up Cofa Pike and onto Fairfield and then Grisdale Tarn up onto Seat Sandle, Then that gives you a nice walk back down into Glenriddings, Phil dont take this post the wrong way just trying to save you some time,

Steve m0sgb

Quite possibly Steve, but if you look at Phil’s alerts, you can see he is with a walking group that day. So he is tied to their pre-determined route, which probably includes objectives other than SOTA.


In reply to M0SGB:
Hi Steve.Phil has not got access to a computor at the moment so he is phoning me for updating his alerts.Next time he rings I will pass on your message.All the best Geoff.G6MZX

In reply to G6MZX:
Hi Geoff, only a passing comment, saves him going down to seat sandle then back up onto fairfield then, which way would he go, back over St Sunday Crag, Just a point i wanted to point out,
Steve m0sgb