Not All Ham Shacks are Created Equal!

Some are Priceless!

Often it’s the view …or the endless foot steps to get there but I find the contacts made with radio friends while SOTAteering are intoxicating! …“It’s the lack of oxygen, you Knucklehead!” says, Peanut goat.


Great views and activations. I liked the pile up on CW.
Thanks Steve
CZ e e

Very nice video, indeed.
Especially nice to see glimpses of several of the usual-suspect chasers whom we know and love.
BTW, a piece of foam rubber held in place with tape over your phone’s mic hole will get rid of the wind noise.
Best 73,

Ken, K6HPX

Thanks Ken!
New camera and yet to muffle the mic …always remember later when hearing the results! Doh!
Most of time I rely on my H1 recorded for audio which has a foam muffler wind suppression and works well.

Cheers, Steve wGOAT

Thanks for the video! I need to get one of those leg straps for my key!

Kent, K9EZ

Have to admit SOTA certainly does shake out the bugs in one’s go-kit (Oops! no pun intended!)

Your videos are. Always enjoyable