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Nostalgia and best wishes

This is clearly a nostalgic momentum for me, but I think I’m not the only one doing it.

Yesterday, opening an old box, I found one of my first Citizen Band Radios: a portable Elbex with few quartz channels. Before this, there were two Inno-Hit’s walky talkys with 2 channel, but I had quartzes for only one.

My passion to the Radio began as a child watching my brother listen to distant signals with an old Geloso G216 and dreamed of doing the same with my walky talky.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you firends


I found my old pye Westminster nearly 40 years old converted to 2 mts 10 channels proper radio still works and gets good reports

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A Wessy will be around 50 years old, so I guess it was converted to 2m in the 70’s.

My nostalgia radio is an Eddystone 840c which is the first proper receiver I ever operated at my secondary school club. I bought one last year and spent an enjoyable few months repairing it. It is mainly used on 40m in the evenings. Hmmmm… I feel a dose of nostalgia coming on - I wonder whether the family will miss me if I sneak up to the shack.

73 and Season’s Greeting

Gerald, G4OIG

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