Northern Pennines (I have a plan)

Hi all,

Any activators interested in getting our heads together and organizing to activate as many of the Northern Pennines summits as we can simultaneously?I was thinking of Sunday 4th January at 12:00 as I and no doubt many others may have gained a few pounds from the Christmas festivities.
It will be winter time and safety is paramount but I have enjoyed winter activations before. I don’t care how cold it is I just don’t like getting drenched.

I know there has been a Southern Pennine mass activation thing done before. I heard one station who I called only to be told ‘we are only working summit to summit today’ and despite me patiently checking the frequency several times later I heard other chasers being told the same.

I dont think for a minute that we could activate all of them but as many as we can and to go home with a few summit to summit points appeals to me.

As I have lit the blue touch paper I claim NP-004 Whernside.

Any takers?

Chris 2E0FSR

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I am in Chris, deffo. I claim Pen-Y-Ghent, my favourite.


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HF? Be sure I will chase from a warm and comfortable shack :slight_smile:
Good luck

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Will do Gt Whernside - 23 cms / 13 cms to all the NP will be a great challenge

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On 23cms / 13cms ? hmmmmmmmmmm

Up to date activation list now on

Jimmy has suggested that him and me do Kisdon G/NP-026.