Northamerican activators: avoid using 14.061, please!

I know my wish/request will sound utopical and difficult to happen but, just in case, I’ll ask for it anyway.
At the end of my days, while my family watch TV or are in bed, I like sitting in my shack stalking and trying to chase Northamerican activators on 20 and 15m.
For some reason, when I turn my beam to Northamerica, I get a noise with the maximum centered on 14.061.3
It starts very weak on 14.060.25, becomes annoying on 14.060.8, has a maximum on 14.061.35 and dies also weak on 14.062.4
This noise is not too strong, just a S4-5, but it’s strong enough to not letting me copy the tiny signals of a QRP activator in Northamerica transmitting on 14.061.
Many activators use this frequency and I’d like to ask you to, please, use any frequency but not between 14.060.8 and 14.062.4
I know this is an utopical request but thank you for having it in mind if you do.
Best 73 de Guru

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Glad I happened to pick 14060.5 this past weekend and we were able to work twice Guru. :slight_smile:

Malcolm VE2DDZ


I also get a terrible noise on this frequency, +/- 3 kHz.

However in my case it is coming from the solar panels on the roof of my neighbour’s house next door! At present I am working with Ofcom to try to get the problem fixed, but I am not optimistic. In bright sunshine, the QRM is S 9+ 5dB.


Walt (G3NYY)

Big thanks to Al (N1AW) for having activated on 14.065.7 from W1/MB-015 on your second try today on 20m. First you did it on 14.062 at about 19h31 utc and wasn’t copying you on my yagi. Not because of any local QRM but due to conditions not being yet good enough between us.
Then you went to 40m and I wasn’t able to copy you on my inverted V dipole, as expected.
When you finally came back to 20m on 14.065.7 I copied you weak but pretty well (429) but I remained on the frequency after our QSO and your signal improved in the following minutes. When you announced your QRT and I told you 73 GL TU, your signal report was 549.
It’s a shame that propagation conditions have been so poor lately that it looks like many of the chaser have switched off their rigs for a while. Perhaps your good signals into northern Spain today weren’t that good at higher latitudes…
Thanks again and CUAGN SN.
73 de Guru

Thanks Also to George KX0R for activatiing on 14.062.9 today from W0C/PR-007.
Signal was not too strong but good enough to exchange reports and greetings.
73 de Guru

Thanks, Malcolm, for the activations and last QSOs.
I’ll be looking forward to chasing you again soon, hopefully away of 14.061 :slight_smile:
Best 73 de Guru

Well thank you. This was only my seventh activation and my first DX contact from a summit. I had by chance read your note about the problems with noise on 14.061, and I had heard you but was unable to copy you solidly the first time you called me. So that is why I moved to 14.066 after failing to hear any replies on 40 meters.

  • Al N1AW
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