North to Alaska - SOTAs

My XYL KB6LAS and I are taking a road trip while in Alaska from 30 Aug to 9 Sept. We will start in Fairbanks and drive down to Homer. I plan to activate one or two SOTAs in the Fairbanks area and one in Homer. For the past few weeks I have been checking into the Alaska Net from Los Angeles on 14.292 MHz from 1630Z to 1700Z and copied strong signals from KL7 stations. Therefore I am hopeful that my KX2 to an end fed dipole will make it down to the lower 48. On Friday 31 Aug, I plan to check into the net from the Wigwam Benchmark (KLF/FN-204) and then around 1715Z QSY to 14.065 MHz, 14.345 MHz, and 18.091 MHz. Depending on condx or WX, I may try again on 1 Sept from Wigwam or another summit. When in Homer, my target date is Thursday 6 Sept from Lookout Mtn (KLA/KS-622) around the same time and frequencies, with the alternate being 7 Sept. I will have Alerts posted but do not know if I will be able to Spot myself. I will be transmitting APRS beacons. Hope to work you from “The Last Frontier.” Scott WA9STI


Sounds like a cool trip planned there Scott. I’ll have the beam pointed up your way, have you saved in CCUser, will get going during that time, so will be looking for you. Have fun and be safe! Bands have really been in the tank here the past few day (months :wink: )!

73, Todd KH2TJ

Scott—it sounds like a great time and I hope the propagation is favorable to the lower 48!

73 & good luck!

Paul K9PM

On the 31st I will be up something looking for you. Have a good trip and enjoy.


I was able to successfully activate three summits in KL7 land: two in Fairbanks and one in Homer. My total contacts for all three were 23 on 20 meter CW, 2 on 20 meter SSB, and 9 on 2 meter FM simplex. On Ester Dome (KLF/FN-182), I worked OK2PDT and had an S2S with KX0R in CO on CW. NS7P was the only chaser to contact me on all three summits. I was able to copy activity on 30 and 40 meter CW but had no replies to my CQ’s there. Chasers often reported QSB on my signal. I heard several stations call me but did not respond when I called back. Thanks to all who were there and to KL7EDK and KL7R in Fairbanks who provided information.

While I often had to keep telling myself that I was really in Alaska, I was reminded of it when on one SOTA a trio of huskies came bounding down the trail to inspect my set-up and on another I could see glaciers in the distant mountain range.

Until we meet again back in California, 73 de Scott WA9STI

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