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Just a note for those considering activating NP summits. This coming Saturday April 25th is the Three Peaks Race (Pen y Ghent, Whernside & Ingleborough), link here - . It will be very busy, particularly in Horton in Ribblesdale where the race starts and ends and it can be quite crowded on the summits.

May 9th and 10th is the Fellsman, described as a 60 mile high level traverse over very hard rugged moorland - (link here This starts in Ingleton and ends near Grassington but takes in (or goes near) several peaks including Ingleborough, Whernside, Great Coum, Great Knoutberry, Dodd Fell, Buckden Pike and Great Whernside but as the participants are ‘well spread out’ is unlikely to be a problem for any potential activators.

Mike G4BLH

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Subject: Oxfam trailtrekker walk on 30 & 31-May-09.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for posting that. It could be vital to someone’s planning.

Today I was made aware of another event in the NP / G6MZX area. My dentist informed me that she is to attempt the Oxfam trailtrekker walk on 30 & 31-May-09. This is a 100km walk in 30 hours (or less) starting & finishing in Skipton.

It routes via Gargrave, Airton, Malham and over G/NP-017 & G/NP-010 (Fountain’s Fell & Pen-y-Ghent). After Cam Bottoms? & just short of G/NP-016 (Dodd Fell) it turns south and heads down Langstrothdale past G/NP-031 (Birks Fell). From there, down Wharfedale not too far from G/NP-009 Buckden Pike, then passing G/NP-008 Gt.Whernside and vaguely near Cracoe Fell.

I don’t know specific times and I know there are not a huge number of participants compared with the 3-P Race but there may be many helpers and it might add to congestion locally at times. Here is the link:
Click ‘Route.’ Scroll down and click ‘View larger map.’

After a short recovery from a ‘dizzy spell’ which seemed to accompany filling in my cheque (can’t have been the treatment, I only had a checkup) I agreed to sponser her. Needless to say, I was extremely impressed by what she and her other three team members are taking on here. It’s not (I assume) as much ascent as the Fellsman but it sure is a long way! I certainly would not consider it; not even with helium balloons in place of SLABs.

73, John. G4YSS.

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My Dad and I are on Raynet duties this weekend, covering the Pendle Witchway walk, and Pendle Hill SP-005 will be very busy with a lot of Scouts making their way accross the summit for most of the day.


Will be on Pen Y Ghent tomorrow manning a checkpoint for the 3 peaks event, working with Leeds RAYNET. Pen Y Ghent cut off time is about 0945 utc, Whernside cut off time time is about 1200 utc and Ingleborough cut off time is about 1315 utc. The summits should be clear of competitors after these times. I hope this ‘insider’ information is useful to possible activators tomorrow.

73, Colin

Reading this thread is quite depressing, the thought of all those people out there on the fells and not one stopping to enjoy the view, they must be mad.

For maximum enjoyment walk don’t run, stop and enjoy the scenery and while you are admiring the vista, CQ CQ CQ.

Forewarned is forearmed so keep these tips coming everyone.

73 Steve GW7AAV