North America <> Europe SOTA S2S Party - 19th November 2016 1400 - 1700 UTC

Following on from the success of the VK/ZL - Europe event on 22nd October, is there similar interest for an event between America and Europe? This is just an initial post to bring together any thoughts on the matter.

73, Gerald G4OIG



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Yes from me!

Yes from Arizona…always a challenge to work s2s into Europe from AZ…


Put me on the list Gerald. I’ve only ever had one S2S with NA and would love to get some more. I think it was on 21MHz, if that helps with planning.

Perhaps consider targetting a WARC band to avoid contest or other QRM - or would that exclude certain licence classes (which I don’t want)?

73 Ed.

P.S. May I mention the fact that a specific EU-NA event is now being planned in my report on the EU-AP event ?

Sounds good to me too. I missed the VK / ZL event as I was on family airport taxi duty…


I’ll participate - if I don’t have a gig on the date selected (I assume we are talking Saturday late afternoon / early evening UTC here).

Sounds like a lot of fun to me.

Sounds like a good idea to me.

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I’d be very interested in doing some S2S events from NA to other NA and EU summits!

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Lifted from **VK/ZL <> Europe SOTA S2S Party - 22 Oct 16 0630 - 0830 UTC

Is this a viable idea? Comments from the west side of the pond please. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG

It now runs the same time as QRPTTF. So you can seek SOTA activators for S2S contacts in the US or take part in a QRP contest. Or both.

Many thanks for the heads up Andy - I had forgotten about that event. The 2017 QRPTTF is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 22, 2017 which is one potential date. There would be plenty of time to squeeze in a DX window if activators are interested as this contest runs 0800-1800 local time depending on the US time zone.

In the meantime, maybe something before this year end or is that too optimistic?

Don’t ask me! What I can suggest is that it’s noticeable that it’s getting a bit cooler here up at only 56N now after quite a mild October so far. Take away the Gulf Stream and I can imagine that in W7 & W6 land it’s probably getting really cool and maybe they’ll have had their 1st snows that block some of the hills and trails etc. So it maybe a bit late already. But the W6/W7 AMs and locals would be the real people to check with.

Hello all,
It’s very do-able, even from here in AZ. Would love to repeat the experience of 2014 JUN 13.,
when did an activation at local midnight, under a full moon. England stations reported hearing both short path and long path echoes. Worked no N. American stations! Log follows:
Date:13/Jun/2014 Summit:W7A/AW-057 (Tumamoc Hill) Call Used:K6HPX/P Points: 4 Bonus: 3

06:42z G4SGX 14MHz CW IAN
06:44z OE7FMH 14MHz CW
06:45z VK2IO 14MHz CW
06:46z G4OBK 14MHz CW
06:47z IK3DRO 14MHz CW
06:47z VK2DAG 14MHz CW
06:50z HB9DAX 14MHz CW FRED
06:51z F5SQA 14MHz CW
06:53z G4TJC 14MHz CW
06:54z VK7CW 14MHz CW
06:56z VK3WE 14MHz CW
07:01z DJ5AV 14MHz CW
07:03z EA2CW/P 14MHz CW
07:06z OH6NPV 14MHz CW
07:09z DK7ZH 14MHz CW
It was truly a magical night, with deer grazing all around.


Well November is a great month for the NA-EU path based on the 12 meter challenge a few years ago. I worked quite a few EU s2s contacts back then. Even now I am starting to work EU chasers from the summits I have activated lately.

Bands like 15-17-20 meters should be well suited for working EU to NA for the next few months…weather be dammed. Who is afraid of a little snow!

So I vote for November or December…and hope the snow won’t get too deep!

73 Pete WA7JTM

It was a general question Andy, not one aimed at you specifically. Anyway, you know I have run out of uniques down here, so I would most likely be coming up your way to activate a summit. An outing is already planned for 28th - 30th December and I am working on an idea for early December as well. :slight_smile:

Having had a number of thumbs up from Ken and Pete and others, it will be interesting to see whether there is more interest forthcoming.

73, Gerald G4OIG

I have also been starting to log some UK (&NI) chasers recently… and now have an operational 100W rig (FT857) to take to the hills.
I’m in…

Richard // N2GBR

Lets see if this works…a summary of my results as an activator and a chaser towards Europe since I have been active in SOTA.

I have made 240 EU QSO’s, but only seven s2s QSO’s with EU from Arizona. Best was an S7.

So historically (for me) it looks like November and March are the best months to work EU from Arizona. Not sure how this compares with Washington or California.