Norby LX1NO/p

Regular SOTA activator Norby LX1NO has advised me that the Luxemburg Amateur Radio Society have launched a new “Castles on the air” award. Further info at

There are 55 castles in Luxemburg and Norby intends to activate them all.

He will commence this evening, 7th May, around 1530 using the reference LCA LX7, followed tomorrow by LCA LX1 etc.

Norby has advised me of this activity so that regular SOTA chasers will be aware that he is not on a SOTA, but callers will be welcomed for the award.

So that chasers are not confused by these references, I have posted this now rather than wait for the June edition of SOTA News.

SOTA News Editor
(Presently G4SSH/A)

In reply to G4SSH:
Thank you for this interesting information, Roy,
I’ve taken note
unfortunate that there have no interesting peaks in luxembourg!
best regards

Thanks for the info, Roy. I activate the odd castle myself here and like to chase them as well.

So I’ll be looking forward to contacting Norby from The LX castles.