Norbreck & Billinge

To view the report of the SOTA gathering in Blackpool and Sunday, and the subsequent joint activation by five SOTAists of Billinge Hill, please visit my website:

Click on ‘SOTA’ on the left menu, then select G/SP-017 from the table.

It is a ‘must see’ if only to find out what happened to poor old Russ M6RGF! Think of that Only Fools and Horses episode where Del and Rodney win a holiday to Spain and Rodney gets enrolled in the Groovy Gang…

I stumbled across some YouTube videos of Ken Goodwin - Ken Goodwin - Having a Good Time - YouTube - last night, and belly-laugh I did, but possibly not as much as when Russ was announced at Norbreck!


In reply to M1EYP:

Just read it…absolutely fantastic Tom…laughing my head off here…I actually remember that episode when Rodney won the holiday…brilliant…well lets hope my innovation takes me in the same direction as Delboy and Rodney…Quote " This time next year Rodney we will be Millionaires" Your just Jealous that Im 20 years older than you but look 10 years younger…I must admit have been waiting to read your article…Love it.

Anyway Tom had a brilliant day at the Norbreck and it was good to meet you and all of the Sota team and the icing on the cake was when my design/prototype won the Novice Construction Competition.(Sorry Junior Construction)

Had lots of complimentary phone calls and e mails and lots and lots of other suggestions from people how to further develop my idea into different applications…even had a complimentary mail from the President of the RSGB asking me how I intended to develop it in the future.
Got speaking to 2 older gentlemen prior to the judging…these chaps had been operating morse for over 50 years…they absolutely loved it and asked me if I could modify it to suit another application pureley for them.
Tom I have lost your phone number…can you let me have it again please via email.

Cheers Russ.

Yes, I overheard lots of the suggestions. Some of those heard in the smaller hall (RSGB) seemed very strange, and would definitely not be practical for a CW SOTA activation, especially not when the weather is promoting the use of gloves!

If I were you, I would use the CW filter on the activator database, and filter out the advice given by those who are not on there with at least a good number of winter activations behind them!

My website is now updated with a photo of the magnificent and date-appropriate piece of engineering that was the M0GIA Emergency SOTA Pole Repair. See for yourself at - G/SP-017 page.


In reply to M1EYP:

Hi Tom

Sorry I didnt catch up with you last night on the 70cms contest…had a 24 hr sickness bug.
Yes I must admit some of the suggestions were somewhat abstract…but at this stage of the development all ideas are good ideas.
Had an e mail off a chap this morning who wants me to modify it slightly so he can fit it to his walking stick, enabling him to transmit CW whilst hillwalking.
Have already viewed your updated website and seen your innovation to repair the pole…like they say “any port in a storm”.
Hope you did ok in the contest last night.
Just nipping out now to purchase a wireless transmitter and receiver to satisfy my above customers requirements.
Oh Ps…still got an ear to ear grin on my face laughing at your previous article…and I mean proper belly laugh…will tell you why one day…you have actually touched on a subject without realising it, the co-incidence of that happening is remarkable.
Well thats twice now you have given me something that is better than real medicine.
Cheers Tom
From Russ and family.