Norbreck 2023


Thanks for the information, Tom. 73 de Paul.

Shall we organise a “muster” at the SOTA stand for a social meet-up and group photo opportunity at, say, 11.30am? SOTA T-shirts, fleeces, sweatshirts and hats/caps encouraged for photographic purposes (and if you’re going to be doing a stint on the stand).

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I’ve just booked Saturday night accommodation (and not at Norbreck :zombie: :scream: :poop: :drop_of_blood: ). Anyway I’m looking forward to meeting up with lots of people again.

You coming south to help us celebrate St George’s Day Andy?

I wondered why 23rd April was resonating. You’d think after so many years in the UK I’d remember immediately. :slight_smile:

I’m planning on being there. If only to make sure the fountain still has its weirdly green water.

I’ll be there!

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

I was hoping to be there this year, but my wife and I had covid leading up to Easter, and so postponed the family gathering until this weekend. Happily it didn’t interfere with the eating of chocolate :yum:


Reminder: if you’re going to Norbreck today, please join us at the SOTA stand at 11.30am for a large group photo!

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Best Wishes Tom and all the SOTA people there. I hope that you have a great day. 73, Paul.


***Tom Read said: ***

please join us at the SOTA stand at 11.30am for a large group photo!

Preparing to see some familiar and unfamiliar faces when the group shots are uploaded to the reflector Tom.

I heard G4YSS on Ingleborough G/NP-005 this morning chatting to a few stations on 2m FM. I didn’t make a chaser QSO unfortunately… John must have detoured up the hill on his way to the show.

Have a good one,

Phil G4OBK


Unfortunately, the situation didn’t lend itself to an organised group photo at the nominated time. I made the decision at the time to instead take a few photos from different angles. I’m sure John @G4YSS will add some more in due course. Great to see everyone today!


Lovely to meet up today. Also glad I almost looked in the right direction for the photo :grin:


Lot of “old goats” in those photos… and some younger ones, plus some sloths too… :rofl:

Really pleased to see some old friends and meet some new people too.

Thanks for photos Tom.

73 Gerald


Rare to get a photo of SOTA’s Founders without a beer. Probably one of the better photos of us.


The secret of a good photo is to capture the subjects before they’ve been on the sauce - and, of course, enlist a top notch photographer.


Great to meet some fellow SOTA activators and chasers today at Norbreck - apologies I didn’t get a chance to speak with everyone, time was scarce. Will deffo attend next year and spend the full day there :+1: the SOTA stand was looking good and very busy at all times - that certainly talks for itself! I hope everyone had a great time!

73, Ben


It was great to meet everyone today. It was also great to find that Andy @MM0FMF is much less grumpy in person!