Couldn’t drive as far as I hoped 5K to walk and ferry to catch in 3 hours. Went for a walk anyway having cancelled my alert (stretch the legs and spy out the ground). Lovely easy walk on a good track. Decided to deploy the radio anyway (well short of the summit) to see if I could catch a chaser point at least! Forgot my aerial :tired_face:
Don’t tell anyone :wink:


My lips are sealed!

I once lugged a FT857D and two LiFe 1800mah batteries up a summit once without a cable to connect them…

didn’t tell anyone though


My wife was with me. Silence is pointless :shushing_face:

Which way did you go? I was able to park at Lagafater Lodge, someone I know knows the laird and so I got permission to park there. :sunny:

It saved a huge walk in on a boring road. Calling it a road is a bit rich as the surface is wrecked, just broken tarmac and potholes for about 8kms from the reservoir buildings. Made my silly low profile wheels square it was so bad. I did the whole run at tickover in 2nd gear and it was not pleasant. Still saved a lot of walking.

There’s always next time … then I can get the complete as well :slight_smile:

You need a 4 x far :wink:. Even my wife acknowledged that this road was better than some I have driven her along.
I suspect we were on the same approach. There is a sign on the bridge at NX131731 saying private, no cars, footpath only. From there it is as you say a long slog. Met the farmer’s wife (just after I had nonchalantly re-packed my rucksack). She said a new couple were moving into the keeper’s cottage at the end of the road.

That’s the road. After that sign it gets so much worse. I’d been down to Blackpool and spent a week in the far SW of Scotland bagging summits. So I went in the car which when driven gently did 44mpg. Driven hard you could get that down to 18mpg but you would have every traffic cop in Scotland after you! I have an old Hilux pickup that would have handled that road with ease. But it has a thirst for diesel that is greater than Father Jack’s thirst for drink :smile: A week away and 700miles of driving would have bankrupted me. If you run it dry you can get 83L of fuel into it and that is £106.16 today and exceeds the £98 limit you can buy at an automated pump. The last car I fuelled up that exceeded the pump limit was an Aston Martin Vantage in 1984. I put £25 of petrol in it and had to pay before I could put another £25 of petrol in it. Still 4x 48IDF Webers and 5.4L has a real thirst and makes the Hilux look green and economical.

You do need to do this summit because I need the complete :wink:

I lost the activation, but I will return to conquer the hill. Might be a while though, it’s a long way from home - I need another reason to be there.