(Non) activation of G/SB-001

Apologies if anyone was hoping to catch me today. I had everything except the antenna (oh, and a view :grin:). Good job the radio is only part of The joy of SOTA.

image ![image|230x500]

I have activated this hill twice, climbed it 3 times and have yet to enjoy good weather on it. One day… (and I might remember all my gear). Found the antenna where I packed it in the car on our return!

Sorry no idea how to turn the photo round (and a warm shower and coffee before several beers is taking priority


Like this!

I used the relatively horrible photo viewer in Win10. Other tools are available and most are better!

Thanks Andy. After a day like this there’s only one thing for it - beer (other drinks are available, but just don’t cut the mustard at this stage)

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A handheld is always a useful backup. Last time I activated The Cheviot I just used a 2m FM handheld and rubber duck - qualified it too.

That was in the car too. At least I had taken a conscious decision to leave that behind. :no_mouth::beers:

At least you had the right hats - and had bright smiles despite the length of the walk to ‘pop’ back to the car for the antenna! Thank goodness you had company - even if you didn’t dare blame your companion for causing you to leave it behind (especially if she had the car keys!!) Better luck next time.
73 Viki M6BWA

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