NØB with Rooster & Peanut - Video Trip report

Video is about N0B’s adventure up Huron Peak (14,003ft) with Guy/N7UN, Rich/AC7MA and Steve/wg0at and their faithful sherpa goats Rooster and Peanut. Plus California ham radio operators who climbed, hiked and biked their way up 14ers to activate peaks for Summits On The Air (SOTA).

Video (15-minutes):


73, Steve …wGØAT/R&P

In reply to WG0AT:

Great video. Thanks Steve.



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Magic stuff. N6IZ’s ascent of Mt. Shasta makes my plans for tomorrow look rather feeble in comparison.

MM0FMF (PB #189)

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Nice video Steve, sorry to see the weather wasn’t good enough for HF work on the summit, well done to everyone who participated.


Robert G0PEB

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Hi Steve, I’ve spent the last hour watching your various youtube videos - it all looks good fun. My cw is coming on slowly and I hope to be doing activations that way soon.

Colin - g8tmv

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Hi, Steve.

Just watched the N0B video.

Great job!

Fariba and I did hike up Mont Ste Marie VE2/OU-001, we were hoping for a summit-to-summit contact with y’all (if you can call Mont Ste Marie a summit and keep a straight face!)

Write-up of our activation here:


Again - great job. Thoroughly enjoyable contact and hope the WX cooperates next year.

We’re putting the 14’ers in our diary and plan to mount a more substantial effort next year - Whiteface Mountain possibly.

We’re planning to put VE1 (Nova Scotia/Cape Breton) summits on the air next month… can’t wait!