No "unlike"?

I managed to click “like” by mistake on a post that does not deserve it :wink:

Is there no way to undo that action ? All I get is “You liked this post”…

Just tried it on your post. One click = like, another click and the like disappeared.

Thank you for testing.

On this post, I am unable to “undo” my erroneous “like” action: Logbook software supporting SOTA? - #19 by G4POP ;-(

Christophe, log out and log in again. You may now be able to unlike your like. I noticed the log out/log in issue fixed a categoryg bug I was seeing so it may fix this for you.

Thank you for the hint. Unfortunately, it does not solve the issue ;-(

When I hover over the heart icon, I get all tool-tip “You’ve liked this post”, and a fix label "You liked this."
But no way to unlike…

I wonder if you can only unlike for a short time?

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“Like”/“Undo like” certainly works if you’re quick about it; the associated text reads “You liked this. Undo like.” and you can indeed undo the “Like” with a second click. It seems entirely plausible that there’s a time limit, though.

From a Google search

“You can only unlike for 5 minutes after liking – after that 5 minute grace period, the like is locked in.”

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OK, thanks you for your help.

Better be careful :wink: I have no clue how I managed to “like” this post and not notice it…

I’ll Not Like it and that will neutralize your like. Or would it take two Not Likes to offset your Like? Hee hee.

Elliott, K6EL
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I always thought the opposite of “like” was “dislike”.


73 de G3NYY

Thank you for the precision: I am always eager to learn more about foreign (for me) languages.

However, I read on

Remember, though, that in the real world unlike as a verb is rare today, and its use is confined mainly to social networking.

So, in this context, “unlike” seems to be appropriate, especially considering that Facebook uses the same word for this action.

I’ll pay attention to the context when I’ll dislike something in the future :wink:


You are correct Walt. Some software allows you to like things, often shown with a thumbs-up icon or to dislike something with a thumbs-down icon. If you actively do not like something, you can click the dislike button. However, he doesn’t want to dislike the post, he wants to undo the like which is abbreviated to unlike.


But applying that logic, it would also be possible to “undislike” something!


Walt (G3NYY)

Yes … however, I dislike Facebook and never use it!

Walt (G3NYY)