No street access to the hikers' car park at FL/VO-009

After activating FL/VO-086 and FL/VO-005, I wanted to go to FL/VO-009.

Last year, it was still possible to drive from Le Thillot to the hikers’ car park at 47.82265, 6.78769.
Continuing towards Plancher-Les-Mines was prohibited from the car park.

Coming from Le Thillot, the road is now already closed to public traffic at 47.84944, 6.78552.

I haven’t tried the opposite direction yet… but I think it will be closed too.

I think the Ballon de Servance is now probably a restricted military area… does anyone know more about this?

73 Armin

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Google Maps shows it closed north and south. The comment below the map says it will be closed until early May. Road works?

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Perhaps someone in the tourist office knows?

Besoin d’un renseignement

Office de Tourisme Communautaire
Gérardmer Hautes Vosges

03 29 27 27 27

Office de Tourisme Communautaire
La Bresse Hautes Vosges

03 29 25 41 29

Office de Tourisme Communautaire des
Ballons des Hautes-Vosges

03 56 11 00 90

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I don’t think I can get very far in the tourist office with my French. :joy:

Yes … in the Vosges, the roads are closed from time to time: Winter, Tour de France, rock slides,…

But the kind of signposting looks quite definitive… I only know this from closed areas.

73 Armin

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Yesterday, I activated this summit and one can access the hiker parking area again, coming from Le Thillot.
But one can’t drive from there to Plancher-les-Mines (south direction). But hiking and push bikes should be fine.
I posted some pictures on the corresponding summit page.

BTW: What amazed me was a S2S from there on 2m FM with Guido @HB9TNF on HB/GR-127 at 3098m ASL with a distance of about 270km. When looking at the map, there were several higher mountains between us. I guess there were some reflections involved. Maybe somebody knows a website that can draw the profile between two geo locations? I used my Yaesu FT2DE with a cheap Chinese RH-770 clone telescopic antenna.
Another interesting S2S was with with Davide HB3YNL on 15m SSB who was on HB/TI-035 at 2866m ASL with a distance of about 194km. This time I could not hear him at all on 2m FM, but without problems on 15m SSB. The antenna I used for this contact was my classic 20m-long EFHW in inverted-L configuration.

73 Stephan


Hi Stephan,

here with SOT.las
Between HB/GR-127 and FL/VO-009

73, Éric


This one also


Or use HamnetDB Map because this includes the fresnel zone and earth curvature.
(Right mouseclick on map to set “from” and “to” markers. Click on line between points for profile.

So I would say pretty unlikely…



Thank you both for the suggestions!

I think the Hamnet map is the most complete, especially since apart of the earth curvature, it contains also the fresnel zone in the graph.
I played around with it (without tree sizes) and it still puzzles me how this contact was possible. Probably some good reflections here and there helped…

73 Stephan