No spots or alerts with Android Chrome

Since days my spots and alerts will no be send by my Android Google Chrome browser. A warning pops up, saying the web site is unsecure.
I try to change the security setting, but it doesn’t solve the issue…

Any advice?
73 Chris

I changed over to using Opera and it cured a lot of issues. Unfortunately this doesn’t answer your question, but it might provide an option. After quite a few hassles, I now don’t use Chrome on any of my devices, both Android and Windows PC.

73, Gerald

Is it Chrome just complaining that the site is only http and not https?

I have never used Chrome, you can’t block the adverts, so can’t offer more advice.

I just did a test with Chromium and it worked fine. It’s probably something for Jon @G4ZFZ to look at the logs

Hi Chris,

Chrome is probably saying the site is not secure because the site doesn’t use https and doesn’t have a security certificate. This is a warning but it shouldn’t prevent you from using the site.

The new SOTAwatch is on https as will be the other SOTA web resources.

73, Jon

Tnx for your reply, but I tried it with Samsung Internet and Firefox and the issue stll exists.

Maybe there is something wrong will my account data

73 Chris

I just check my testing spot and it works fine. But my testing alert not.

73 Chris

Now I tried to send my alert with Android Firefox.
No warning, everything looks good, but my alerts get lost in the nirvana.
73 Chris


I suspect this is additional checking that Jon may have introduced with recent updates to the backend of SW

Tnx a lot, you got it.

Vy 73 Chris